Bill Whitethorn

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Bill Whitethorn
Image of Bill Whitethorn
Title Collector
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Settlement Bree
Interior Whitethorn's Taxidermy
Map Ref [30.3S, 52.4W]


Bill Whitethorn is a Collector inside the Whitethorn's Taxidermy in western Bree.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Nanu's Hiding Place-icon.png Nanu's Hiding Place Small Turtle Shell-icon.png Small Turtle Shell
Black Robes-icon.png Unwelcome Mat Black Robes-icon.png Black Robes
Red Potted Huorn-icon.png Red Potted Huorn Red Sapped Huorn Limb-icon.png Red Sapped Huorn Limb
White Potted Huorn-icon.png White Potted Huorn White Sapped Huorn Limb-icon.png White Sapped Huorn Limb
Music Box 1-icon.png Dark Music Box Flaming Shadow-icon.png Flaming Shadow
Draigoch's Fireplace-icon.png Draigoch's Fireplace Ancient Gold Token-icon.png Phial of Eternal Flame
Statue of Draigoch-icon.png Statue of Draigoch Ancient Gold Token-icon.png Battered Scale
Saruman's Orrery-icon.png Saruman's Orrery Platinum Token-icon.png Orrery-fragment
Throne of Isengard-icon.png Throne of Isengard Platinum Token-icon.png Chipped Throne Fragment
Saruman's Rings-icon.png Saruman's Rings Platinum Token-icon.png Shattered Ring-fragment

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