Benediction of Peace Set Bonuses

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Specialization in this trait tree provides an inherent buff which provides the following effects: "Frost Armour: Healing skills have a 20% chance to apply: -10% Incoming Damage for 8 seconds".

Set Bonus Description Source
Frost Affinity-icon.png Frost Affinity Buff Set: 5+ total ranks
Writ of Well-being-icon.png Writ of Well-being Improves skill Writ of Health Set: 10+ total ranks
Rousing Words (Trait)-icon.png Rousing Words Gain skill Rousing Words Set: 15+ total ranks
Fellowship Narrative-icon.png Fellowship Narrative Buff; Improves skill Epic for the Ages Set: 20+ total ranks
Glorious Foreshadowing-icon.png Glorious Foreshadowing Improves skill Writ of Health Set: 25+ total ranks
Master of Allusion-icon.png Master of Allusion Buff Set: 30+ total ranks
Our Fates Entwined-icon.png Our Fates Entwined Gain skill Our Fates Entwined Set: 35+ total ranks