Our Fates Entwined

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Our Fates Entwined
  • 20m Range
  • Heal
  • Resistance: Tactical
  • This skill buffs the rune-keeper to reduce incoming damage.

    Additionally it creates a rune-stone on the battlefield. While it lasts, the Rune-stone:
    -Redirects 20% of all damage taken by nearby allies to itself.
    -Provides Mastery buffs to all nearby allies.
    -Cannot be destroyed.
  • -20% Incoming Damage
  • Duration: 20s
  • Cost: [538 at Level 150] Power
  • Attunes: 1
  • Cooldown: 1m30

General Information

Class: Rune-keeper

Trait Tree: Benediction of Peace

Rank Needed: 35


This skill summons an Our Fates Entwined Rune-stone which re-directs 20% of all incoming damage from allies to itself and gives a small Mastery buff. It applies the Our Fates Entwined effects to all nearby allies and the stone itself has the following effect:

Our Fates Entwined
  • This Runestone cannot die.
  • Re-directing 20% of incoming damage from allies to it
  • Duration: 20s

Tactical Information

The fate stone used to have a shorter cooldown (1 minute), higher damage reduction (60% instead of 20%) and higher radius (10m instead of 7m) before Update 23.3.1. However, it is still useful when you expect a big hit in the next 20 seconds.