Belg Goldenvoice

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Belg Goldenvoice
Image of Belg Goldenvoice
Role Town Crier
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Ered Luin
Area Thorin's Hall Homesteads
Map Ref [15.9S, 106.2W]


Belg Goldenvoice is the Vault-keeper in Thorin's Hall Homesteads. He may be found just inside the entrance to the homesteads.

Town Criers appear in major towns and in homesteads promoting special festivals and events and inviting adventurers to partake in the celebrations and special activities. At other times they merely tell some common quotes.

During The Anniversary Event

The Anniversary is here!

This special is marked by many wonderful events and rewards that seem to come to everyone, not matter where they are or what they are doing.

The Battle of Glorious Beer in Thorin's Hall is not a brawl for the weak of arm or spirit, but it seems that everyone wants to test their strength in this momentous battle. Even the simple heroics of defeating monsters throughout Middle-earth will reap more than the usual bounty.

Collect tokens and reap rewards as you join in the festivities!

During the Summer Festival

Where to Find the Festival

  • If you wish to vist the festival. the celebrations can be found in the homes of the Elves, dwarves, Men, and Shire-folk.
  • In Ered Luin, the Elves hold their event in Duillond, while the dwarves go to the Inn at Thorin's Hall. Men celebrate in the fields north of Bree, and the hobbits always visit the Party Tree in Hobbiton. All are welcome!

A Seasonal Horse-race

  • Special steeds can be won in the horse-races, all unique with the captivating theme of the season.
  • If you wish to race for a steed, go to the race tracks in the Bree-fields or in the Shire, near the neighborhoods of Michel Delving.

Summer Festival Announcement

  • The Summer Festival is here!
  • Join in the festivities by visint the Eating Contest of Hobbiton, the Keg Race of Frerin's Court, or simply by fishing for special summer fish. Each of the festival grounds is hosting a number of celebratory activities as well, so be sure to attend them all!

The Inn League vs. the Ale Association

  • During the festivals of Middle-earth, many folks relish the opportunity to partake in the enjoyment of fine seasonal brews, so much as that factions devoted solely to this practice are formed.
  • The Inn League is a long-standing reputable faction of Middle-earth, founded by hobbits. Members are always welcome, and those who wish to join should seek entry to the league by visiting Ailward Chubb at the Party Tree.
  • But the glory of the Inn League was not to last. A few festivals later, a surly, sinister dwarf made his presence know in Thorin's Hall during their own celebrations. This dwarf, Jónar, despises hobbits and believes that dwarves are the superior brewers of the land. He founded the Ale Association, a rival faction of the Inn League, bent on doing more harm than goof for the amusement of those with wicked temperaments.