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Image of Andras
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Dunland
Area Starkmoor
Settlement Avardin
Map Ref [83.5S, 20.4W]


Andras is a merchant farmer who has a homestead - Cartrev Andras - near Avardin in the Starkmoor of Dunland. His caravan was attacked by the Dragon-clan, and Andras is concerned about whether he will be able to trade enough at the auction in Avardin to repay his debts.

When you first arrive in the Starkmoor, Andras is on the road between Galtrev and Avardin.

After you help Andras and his son, he will appear in Avardin.

Later on, he can be found at the Ox-clan Merchant Camp, hidden within the vale of Isengard.

Quest Involvement