Amon Dîn

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Amon Dîn
Type: Beacon
Region: Far Anórien
Area: Taur Drúadan
Location: [48.4S, 24.1W]
Amon Dîn.jpg


Amon Dîn is a landmark within the Drúadan Forest, Taur Drúadan, in Far Anórien. [48.4S, 24.1W]


It is the first of the northern line of the Warning beacons of Gondor (directed towards Rohan), being the closest to Minas Tirith.


The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


North and west from Minas Tirith, a low-lying chain of hills ran through the Drúadan Forest, Taur Drúadan, in parallel with the easternmost White Mountains. East of the forest, the last of these hills rose to form a great isolated height north of the Grey Wood and Mount Mindolluin. This was Amon Dîn, the so-called 'Silent Hill'.
To a traveller passing north along the road from Minas Tirith, Amon Dîn would rise to the left after some forty miles. With a wide view of Anórien, Cair Andros and North Ithilien across the Great River, it was natural that the Gondorians should make it a guard post, and indeed it was fortified from early in Gondor's history.
At some point the camp on Amon Dîn was equipped with a beacon. This was the first of a series of beacons to call for aid from the Rohirrim. After that on Amon Dîn, beacons were built on Eilenach and Min-Rimmon and more beacons were added as the years passed. At the end of the Third Age, a line of seven beacons stretched from Amon Dîn as far west as the Halifirien on the borders of Rohan.[1]




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