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Weatherstock is a concert of Epic proportions held on the summit of Amon Sul on the Landroval server.

Weatherstock XV (2023)

  • A Hot Summer Jam
  • Saturday, July 22, 2023
  • Band registration: coming soon!
Details: coming soon!

Each band will have a 15 minute time slot to perform. This years schedule of events: coming soon!


Band Registration

Band Registration is coming soon!  


The Lonely Mountain Band will be giving away hope tokens, pipeweed and ale on a donation basis.

Graphics and Lag

Come to Weatherstock with your graphics turned to low before you reach the summit. You will be surprised what 400 characters in all their armour and cloaks can do to even the mightiest of GPUs!

Some hints:

  • Reduce resolution
  • Turn off shadows
  • Reduce draw distance
  • Turn off on-hit combat effects (under combat options)
  • Take off your hat! (They are usually graphically complex objects)

If your computer is dying:

  • Look at the sky or the ground
  • Look away from large crowds of people
  • Don't go anywhere near the mounted procession to Weatherstock!

Previous years:

Weatherstock VIII (2016)

Time Description
11:30 LMB Mega-Band opening set (Forsaken Inn)
1:00 Forsaken Inn Introduction
1:05 Procession to Summit and LMB Mega-Band Lag-Buster set
1:50 Summit Introduction, PSAs
2:00 The Remediators
2:15 Les Chantefables
2:30 Notenzauber
2:45 The Rolling Kegs
3:00 Department of Harmony and Song
3:15 Polnolunie
3:30 The Breakfast Club
3:45 AThe Aleford Band
4:00 Die Bunten Voegel
4:15 The White Flames
4:30 Voting, LMB Mega-Band closing set
5:15 Bandleader's set
5:30 Announcement of awards; Encore set by winner
5:45 Procession to Bree

Weatherstock V 2012 Schedule

Each band will have a 3 song/12 minute time slot to perform. In addition, each band may return to the stage for an encore if the audience reaction is favorable enough. This years lineup is (in order of appearance):

Time Band
4:00 Opening Ceremonies
4:20 The Breakfast Club
4:40 Don't Tempt Me Frodo
5:00 The Songburrow Strollers
5:20 Runic Knights Orchestra
5:40 The Chosen Few
6:00 Mornie Alantie
6:20 Andunie
6:40 Symphonious
7:00 The Travelling Ingolemos (MVT)
7:20 Battle of the Bands
7:40 Awards and Closing Ceremonies

Weatherstock Concert Series

The Weatherstock Concert Series is a series of concerts at the base of Weathertop where our contestants can have a longer format concert. All concerts will be put on in the week before Weatherstock. We will be holding them at a locations around Middle Earth.

Day Time Band
May 18th 6:00pm Symphonia et Gloria

Weatherstock Dance Competition

At the dance competition, we'll have two contests with slightly different rules:

Couples Dance Contest

In this contest, we will have non-stop music while our couples are asked to dance to increasingly difficult partner dances. After a grace period to switch to the dance, we will start eliminating couples for problems with synching, clipping, or position. This will continue on at a faster and faster pace until only one couple is left dancing.

Quadrilles Dance Contest

This contest will feature four-dancer sets. No one will be eliminated, but rather judged on each groups performance . We'll have a final decision by our audience on which is the winner.

Battle of the Bands

We will be pitting 9 of the best bands in all Middle Earth against one another! There will be 3 prizes awarded:

Light in the Darkness

This prize will be presented to the band who inspires the most participants to raise "hope" tokens immediately after their performance.  Hope tokens are available from our vendors in the gold outfits.

Lonely Mountain Cup

The Lonely Mountain Cup will be awarded to the band judged winner by the Lonely Mountain Band.

Free People's Choice

This is the most coveted prize, as the free peoples of Eriador will elect a winner at the end of the concert. All bands will return for a final number, while the free peoples show their preferences by standing with the band they prefer.

Rules and Regulations

Weatherstock is a concert of epic proportions, so we ask that you observe the following courtesies:


/regional The /regional channel will be used for official event announcements and information.  During the concert, it is also used as a stage microphone.
/weatherstock The English language Weatherstock chat channel.  You will need to "/joinchannel weatherstock" to participate.
/weatherstock-de The German language Weatherstock chat channel.  You will need to "/joinchannel weatherstock-de" to participate.
/weatherstock-fr The French language Weatherstock chat channel.  You will need to "/joinchannel weatherstock-fr" to participate.
/weatherstock-sn The Sindarin language Weatherstock chat channel.  You will need to "/joinchannel weatherstock-sn" to participate.
/lff Weatherstock Security and Travel channel.  Ask here for escorts and ports to the event.
/alesandtales An in-character Weatherstock tavern.
/advice Weatherstock Freakout Zone support and advice.  Come here if you have a bad trip (or need some help with your graphics setup!)

Force Emotes

Please refrain from "Forced" emotes, such as the Minstrels Irrestible Dance, Captain's kneel, Burglar's Sneeze, or Champion's cheer. It contributes to lag and causes systems to freak out.


No campfires or fireworks are allowed at the summit of Amon Sul except by official LMB stage crew. ((We don't want to burn out any graphics cards...))

Down in front

Please sit down in the front rows.

Dancing Area

A designated dance area will be set up near the main stage. If you are in the area, you should be dancing.


Security will be provided by Lonely Mountain Band for the duration of the event. Any who need escort through the dangerous lonelands should contact one of the security staff. Transportation will be provided from South Bree and the Forsaken Inn.  Should you need assistance Andeon is in charge of the security detail.

Freakout Zone

The Freakout Zone will be a quiet place for players to calm down after the craziness of our concert. The location of the Freakout Zone is in Candaith's encampment near the western flank of Weathertop. Casual bands and soloists are encouraged to come and play soothing music to our frazzled guests.  Hike to the top of the hill for a grand view of the summit!

Green Room

A green room will be provided for competing bands to warm up prior to performance. Just the thing for a final sound check and to make sure everyone has all the necessary instruments.

Weatherstock themes

by The Strongfoots
Oh, the way is not too far
Let's go to Weatherstock!
 Let's go to Weatherstock!
Where dance and music are

Weatherstock IV (2011)  


  • Songburrow Strollers and Green Hill Music Society - The Light in the Dark 
  • The Shades - The People's Choice 
  • Ingolemo Experience - The Lonely Mountain Cup

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Weatherstock III (2010)


  • The Hobbiton Philharmonic - The Light in the Dark
  • The Hobbiton Philharmonic - The People's Choice
  • Ingolemo's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Lonely Mountain Cup

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