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Things To Do

I use this list to keep track of the small projects I am working on. Since I like to do a bit of everything and it tends to become a lot, this should help me not to forget what I still need to do. If there is anything you like to do you are free to help me out! Post something on my talk page so we can coordinate our efforts.

Projects I'm actively working on:

  • Mordor
    • Keeping the project page up to date, coordinating efforts
    • Adding instance deed page with tables
    • Adding lists of relevant deeds to Mordor location pages (transcluding the entire region category into location pages is incorrect)
  • Expansions
    • Create a consistent expansion page layout and apply it to all expansion pages; see User:Ravanel/Sandbox6.
  • Effects
  • Lore-masters

List of my projects

See Projects.