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Ghost Bear is an incorporeal entity that dwells in Middle Earth. It gained notoriety as Angmar's forces began reawakening hostilities in Arnor, but has diminished in present times to the place of legend, though strong evidence suggests that Ghost Bear is still active in seeking victims.


Conjectures pertaining to Ghost Bear’s classification are also closely linked to discussions concerning his origins. Several schools of thought have developed as scholars have uncovered more surrounding this mystery.

Ghost Bear has been variously classified as The Dead, Unseen, Beast, and Ancient Evil. Presently, the most accepted theory places him simply in the “dead” category, though he was at one time most likely a “beast”.[1]


Ghost Bear’s alignment is disputed by several authorities, though at present it is agreed that he is “not a threat to the Free Peoples of Middle Earth.”[2].

Due to his appetite for smugglers, hoarders and thieves working under the intolerable Happy Fun Luck Golden Joy Cartel, many have come to conclude that Ghost Bear is in fact a force for good.[1] Others, noting the fear he struck in the hearts of many innocent passers-by contend otherwise.[3][5]

History & Origins

Westernesse-Origin Theory

One theory proposed by the studious Gondorian scholar Osten Calóthol is that Ghost Bear in fact arrived in the wake of the fall of Númenor as a companion to Denethor Bórgold, a lore master in the service to the house of Elendil.[2]

Ghost Bear, by Calóthol’s hypothesis, was a gift of the Eldar who at one time ventured to Númenor to bestow such gifts upon the Dúnedain. He came with Bórgold on the flight to Middle Earth, and there stayed to guard the outskirts of Númenorian domain.

Some time during the wars with Angmar, Ghost Bear finally fell, perhaps killed by a Morgul Blade. Thenceforward, Ghost Bear became a terror to all who dared trespass upon the ancient lands of Arnor, and developed an appetite for smugglers who defiled Arnor with their poaching, strip mining, and outrageous auction house prices.[1]

Support for the Westernesse-Origin Theory

Ghost Bear appeared mainly in areas where Arnor’s power was once strong. He often would “appear” in Númenorian ruins, or nearby where Númenorian settlements once existed. If the Westernesse-origin proposition holds true, then this would explain why Ghost Bear also favours brigands and looters for victims, while he only gave warning growls to mere passers by.[2]

Flaws in the Westernesse-Origin Theory

If Ghost Bear was stabbed by a Morgul blade, then he would have become invisible to the naked eye, and turned into something akin to a Nazgûl or any other enemies of the free peoples[citation needed].

Also, while the Eldar of Aman came and brought gifts to the Dúnedain (such as the Palantíri) there are no indications that they ever brought over animals such as Huan the Hound.[3] The records note that Bórgold brought “a great creature, fell in its power and inspiring in its strength” with him to Arnor,[2], but as to what exactly that creature was or whence it came, the records are silent. Others have also criticized the account of Bórgold’s creature, as it may have been a scribal error or a later addition to the text. Further, there are also no records showing that any bears were brought with the Dúnedain into exile, nor are there any other references to this beast outside the disputed passage.[3] It is hard to imagine such a great creature being ignored by historians, but the remaining records from the flight from Atalantë and the history of the Arnorian kingdoms are far from complete or comprehensive.[4]

Ghost Bear was also reported in areas bereft of Númenorian settlements[3]. The fact that Ghost Bear was most often seen in the vicinity of Dúnedain ruins can easily be explained by noting that much of civilized Eriador was once home to the Dúnedian.

Spirit of Nature Theory

Some have also pointed out that Ghost Bear may be an embodiment of a spirit of nature, much along the lines of Goldberry, the Red Maid, and other noteworthy creatures.[5] This theory has strong merit, especially since Ghost Bear only seems to actively attack people who threaten Arnor's natural balance.[1][5] Many skeptics, however, point out that Ghost Bear was never bound to a particular territory as many creatures or spirits of nature are.[Citation needed]

Morgoth’s Host Theory

Another group of scholars, led by Onuban Shadowbane [a community player's character], has proposed an alternate explanation that would put Ghost Bear in league with the forces of Morgoth and Mordor.[3] According to the Morgoth’s Host theory, Ghost Bear is in fact a fallen Maiar who was defeated and made incorporeal in the wake of the War of Wrath.

This theory would help explain why Ghost Bear did not begin appearing in recent times until troubles began to mount near Angmar. As an agent of the enemy, he could have easily slipped past such defensive posts as Esteldin and Ost Guruth.[citation needed] However, opponents of the Morgoth’s Host theory have pointed out that Ghost Bear never physically harmed any of the free peoples unless they were aligned to the Enemy through some means or another[4], and that if a fallen Maiar had taken the form of an animal (such as He Who Is Not Named did when fighting Beren [which one? Beren Erchamion or Beren of Gondor] and Huan) then this did not cause the Maiar to retain the features of that form after its defeat. [4]

Actual History

During the open and closed beta testing trials of Lord of the Rings Online, the roar of a bear would occasionally play, seemingly without reason. The sound was centered on the character's location, and so was rendered very loudly. The apparently random nature of the event gave rise to the myth of the Ghost Bear that roamed the land, stalking unwary characters.

Ghost Bear was caught and eliminated in the open beta patch of April 9, 2007. Since then, he has passed into legend, and from hunting legitimate characters to illegitimate gold sellers.


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