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Hello! I am new.

March 2023: It's been a good lil bit since I've done any kind of internet volun-editing, but I'll probably pick it up again pretty quick. I've got, oh, two decades of MMO and other RPG video games under my belt; I'm still somewhat new to Lotro itself, but the structures are all, so far, pretty familiar.

The thing I want to start out working on is to standardize the pages for the Task Items; make sure all the formatting is correct, all the categorization is correct, that it all displays on each page in the same way. This might also come with a side order of standardizing the display of Task Quest pages and links. To that end, if anyone stumbles across this message and can direct me about where to go to converse with the Editors in charge, I'd like to make sure I get all my ducks in a row about formatting before I start, well, doing too much formatting. I have questions: Where is the best place to ask them?

  • The structure of 'Quest Info over Drop Info' makes sense. Question: is there a standard limit to how many entries should exist in Drop Info before a collapsible box is applied? Is it better/desired/or not so much to have every Task Item page specify the zone that the mobs are in that drop that item; even if it's just one zone?
  • In-game, the Task Quests all seem to be labeled 'specifically,' ie 'Thorin's Hall Task: Task Item name '. So far, there's not a solidly-applied template on the Wiki about if I do or don't want to be linking to individual quest pages or a single quest page. Ie, Item:Broken Dagger links to three separate quest pages. Whereas Item:Broken Wood Spear links three times to a single quest page and once to a specifically-named Cardolan task quest page. I'd like to work with the Editors to get a good solid pattern in place, so as I go through these pages, I can make everything fit the pattern.
  • I probably have a couple more questions, but this is a good start for now. So yeah, let me know where to go to talk with y'all! I'm excited to get some good polishing-up done.

-- ImperfectMitten (talk) 20:16, 23 March 2023 (UTC)

A couple of links

  • User:ImperfectMitten/IMBoilerTaskItem - a vague attempt at a Task-Item-specific Boilerplate - limited success/viability. Learned a lot tho.
  • User:ImperfectMitten/IMTIBL - a chart of Task Items indexed by Item Level, with columns denoting what reps the items can be turned in for and what charlvl those quests are first available. Perhaps some value to other users; any notes should be taken as me noting things for myself.

The U35 Brawler-rewards-added Quests

Strikethru means I or someone has added the reward to Wiki. There's a couple I think I can get to soon-ish.
U35 patch: