Update 8.0.2 Official - October 23, 2012

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Release Notes Update 8.0.2 - Official


  • A client crash that would occur on some machines with low video memory has been fixed.
  • A client crash that would occur on some machines with a 32-bit OS has been fixed.
  • A game server crash that would happen in rare circumstances has been fixed.
  • A fix has been made to prevent the launcher from hanging at “examining game data.” This will not retroactively fix launchers that have already encountered the issue. Please submit a ticket to the Turbine Technical Support team at https://support.turbine.com to resolve your issue.
  • Players should now be able to enter the Breeland Homestead Provisions Building
  • Fixed mount enemies from pathing outside of the boundaries of an instance.



  • Hunter Trait "Barbed Hindrance|Barbed Hinderance” will no longer cause it’s DoT to do 0 damage per tick.

Monster Play

  • The old days of PVP distance checks have returned! You will no longer get PVP credit for a kill you are too far away from. As such, you can also no longer share your spoils of slaughter with your lazy friends that sat waaaaaay far away while you stabbed people. This does mean that even if you were counted as a contributor in the battle, you WILL NOT get credit if you are over 80 meters away from the other player at the time of their death, regardless of how recently you hurt them or how much damage you did. Keep this in mind if you are about to hit your retreat button after being defeated in the middle of a brawl!

Source: Update 8.0.2, Riders of Rohan, Official