Update 37.2.1 - Wednesday October 11, 2023

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Update 37.2.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 37.2.1, released on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023.

News and Notes

The Mariner

  • The French version of the 'Mariner' class movie will now play properly.
  • Mariner travel skills can no longer be used prior to completing the Introduction.
  • Lightning Flèche now benefits from AoE damage bonuses, not Bleed damage bonuses.
  • Shanty heals correctly apply only once per use (not multiplying for each nearby ally).
  • Sail to Tharbad no longer suggests it takes you to Sarn Ford.
  • Low-level haversacks correctly equip into the class item slot and no longer equip into the ranged slot.
  • The Moria Medium Armor trader barter list for Burglar has been renamed to 'Burglar and Mariner Armour Sets'
  • The Medium Armour Trader at Skirmish Camps will now properly upgrade Erebor Mariner's Armour to Greater Erebor Mariner's Armour.
  • The recipe for Mariner's Abyssal helms has been added to the Gorgoroth Instances Barter Vendor.
  • Mariners now correctly receive class-appropriate gear from Hiddenhoard chests.
  • Mariner Hiddenhoard cloaks are now listed on the Medium Cloak exchange barter list.
  • En Garde's description now states that it requires Steady Balance, rather than trying to display the minimum and maximum required pips.
  • Belly of Brine no longer suggests that it has a bonus effect when Rare Herbs is not actively traited.
  • Beneficial, targeted ranged skills (like Toss a Bottle and The South Wind) now correctly benefit from the Healing Range Extension tracery, rather than the damaging Range Extension tracery.
  • Draining Strike will now improve or refresh the Enervating Counter debuff as expected.
  • An issue with High Elf Mariner facial animation during combat has been corrected.
  • Mariner raid gear has been added to barter vendors in the following camps:
    • Rift camp (Rift)
    • Twenty-first Hall (Moria)
    • Caras Galadhon (Dar Narbugud)
    • Emyn Lum (Dol Guldur)
    • Enedwaith (Ost Dunhoth)
    • Ox-clan Merchant Camp (Orthanc)
    • Galtrev (Draigoch)


  • The Beorning skill Hearten when traited in The Hide now advances class deeds properly.


  • The Swashbuckle emote will now correctly play on Elf characters.
  • The following Racial Trait granting deeds will now complete properly, even if you race change after completing the relevant deed requirements:
    • Friend of the Forsaken (Virtuous River Hobbit)
    • Back And There Again (Return to Lyndelby)
    • Guest of Thorin's Hall (Virtuous Stout-axe)
    • Friend to the Galadhrim (Virtuous High Elf)

Known Issues

  • Most Mariner set gear now has appropriate set bonuses. The few remaining will be addressed in a future update.