Update 32.0.2 - Wednesday March 2, 2022

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Update 32.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 32.0.2, released on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022.

News and Notes:

Legendary Items Reward Track

  • Sealed Tracery boxed from the Legendary Items Reward Track can now be opened from level 45+.
  • The Legendary Items Reward Track now has numbered pips to help indicate progress.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Old Rivendell travel routes have been removed from the Stable-master at Gloin's Camp.
  • The placement of Forsting in Mattugard has been adjusted to prevent a physics issue.
  • A graphical gap has been filed in the walls of the Hall of Vernozal.
  • The Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra
    • A new quest: 'Into the Hiddenhoard (Tier #)' has been added for each difficulty Tier to allow players to track their progress in the Hiddenhoard of Abnankâra and quickly return to the furthest encounter in the raid they've reached during the current reset cycle.
    • Fixed an issue where the gate to Hrimil's chamber would not re-open after being defeated in the Mind of the Frost-heart.
    • Fixed an issue where a smite volume in the Mind of the Frost-heart wouldn't properly deactivate after a party wipe.
    • Fixed an issue where one of the spear walls was being activated after the Hrimil encounter was started and was not disengaging after a reset.
    • Fixed an issue where T1 Expelled Frost hotspots were dealing 50% Morale Frost Damage per tick instead of 5% Morale Frost Damage per tick.
    • Corrected an issue where adds were not despawning after the defeat of Thrall-lord Dushtalbúk.
    • Corrected an issue where Hobgoblin totems would mysteriously go invisible during combat.
    • Corrected an issue where monsters could fall off Hrimil's Anvil platform in Mind of the Frost-heart and potentially block the encounter.
    • Slightly increased the range of some of Hrimil's melee skills.
    • Slightly reduced the intensity of some of Thrall-lord Dushtalbúk's add waves, especially on T1 and T2.
    • Reduced the number of monsters in Mind of the Frost-heart.
    • Hrimil no longer instantly defeats Durin if he becomes highest threat - instead, the encounter will now ONLY reset when Durin is defeated in the course of combat. NOTE: This may take slightly longer than desired on T1, but it will avoid sudden, unavoidable defeats and resets.