Update 28.4 - Tuesday February 8, 2021

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Update 28.4 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 28.4, released on Tuesday, February 8th, (Should be Tuesday, February 9th) 2021.

News and Notes:

Ill Omens Skirmish event:

  • The Ill Omens event returns on Wednesday February 10th through March 7th!
  • The yearly quest "Skirmish -- Ill Omens" will award a Positive Portent token that you can barter for a Portent of Strength, Vitality, or Deftness appropriate to your level. These Portents are inventory items that apply a powerful temporary buff when used. These items are not consumed when used and are Bound to Account on acquire.
  • This year you can also use Tokens of Ill Omens to barter for two new cosmetic pets: Ill Omened Hound & Ill Omened Worm.