Update 28.1 - Wednesday October 28, 2020

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Update 28.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 28.1, released on Wednesday, October 28th.

News and Notes:


  • The Leading the Charge deed for completing Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold at Tier 4 is available beginning on November 5, 2020.
  • The Shakalush, the Stair Battle discovery deed was being set to the Minas Morgul Deed Panel, which would cause players without the pack to be unable to get the Deed. This deed has now been moved to the Elderslade Instance Tab, and ownership of Minas Morgul will not impact completion.


  • The Decorative Gourds housing item now is properly usable (with appropriate housing decoration permissions) in order to create its intended spooky effect.
  • Rare Three Peaks jewellery that drops in the War of Three Peaks instances now correctly disenchants into Embers of Enchantment.

Tactical Critical Multiplier on the Sabatons of the Wind Gate and Boots of the Wind Gate has been replaced with a stat relevant to agility and might classes, physical mastery.

Quests & Adventure Areas

  • War of Three Peaks
    • Tier 4 of Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold and Shakalush, the Stair Battle will become available on November 5, 2020 at 3:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT)
    • Shakalush, the Stair Battle - Monster Stats have been adjusted to tune the difficulty.
    • Tûr Ágal - If you are defeated in the War of Three Peaks version of Tûr Ágal, you will no longer respawn at an Elderslade defeat circle.
    • Bagûd-mekhem - Removed a superfluous spawn location for Narg-and-Mauz.
    • Annâk-khurfu - Adventurer's and Traveller's Quartermasters have been added to the main chamber of Annâk-khurfu.
    • March on Gundabad: Pushing Forward the War Effort (Weekly) - Quest rewards were improperly low for this quest. It now awards 30 Copper Coins of Gundabad.
    • Strange Arrivals - If you have completed the quest 'Strange Arrivals' at Caivád Sâr, Múta now offers a new quest inside Tûr Ágal.
    • Missions - 'The War Effort: Missions for the Cause (Daily)' and 'The War Effort: Missions for the Cause (Weekly)' are now available to players of all levels at Annâk-khurfu after completing 'Mission: The Main Gates' as a method to earn additional Gabil'akkâ War-marks and Motes of Enchantment for completing Missions.
    • Imak and Venko will now properly disappear from the middle of Limlok during Chapter 3.1, "A Matter of Survival".
    • Fixed some broken stairs at the gates of Gundabad.
    • Mithril travel for the quest Clearing Enemies in Malkorlash will no longer teleport players inside of a mountain.
    • The quest Liberation from Dûn Traikh will now give the correct rewards
    • Enemies will no longer fall into the mining pit in the Glimmerdeep.
    • The stable routes between Annak-khufu and Hithseld no longer derail at the crossroads south of Hithseld.
  • From the Rhovanion map, the "Wells of Langflood" button will once again correctly bring you to the Wells of Langflood map, while the "Gundabad" button will bring you to the Elderslade map.


  • Players can once again launch the 64-bit client with DX11 graphics enabled.