Update 21.1 - August 21, 2017

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Update 21.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.1, released on Monday, August 21st.

News and Notes:

Scourges of Gorgoroth have now appeared for you to find and defeat. Quests for defeating the scourges will automatically become available when you approach these foes.

Classes and Races

  • The high elves have their own horse summon animation and whistle sound.
  • For real this time, several classes had a few skills lowered to be available at Level 1. Captain gains access to Rallying Cry and Devastating Blow at level 1. Champion gains access to Savage Strikes and Wild Attack at level 1. Guardian gains access to Shield-swipe and Retaliation at level 1. Hunters gain access to Barbed Arrow at level 1. Rune-keepers gain acces to Shocking Words at level 1.
  • High Elves now have starting characteristics.
  • Many hair and head clipping visual issues have been addressed for humans, elves, and High elves.
  • Male Humans, Elves, and Beornings will no longer shift to the left when using the /laugh or /lol emote.


  • The Anniversary Year 4 reward, Tarkrip Clan Shield, now has its correct appearance.
  • Appearances for Trousers and leggings found in Mordor have been updated with new art.
  • Tooltips in the Crafting Panel now properly reflect the increased item level on critical results for Doomfold tier Armour, Jewellery, and Weapons.
  • Doomfold Cook Recipes can now have their crit chance enhanced with Ithilien Spice.
  • Doomfold Fortifying Food now shares a cooldown channel with other Fortifying food.
  • All Doomfold armour, Weapons, and Jewellery now Bind on Equip as they always should have.
  • The recipe for Black Adamant Brooch now requires a Polished Black Adamant instead of a Black Adamant.
  • All Battle Lore and Warding Lore scrolls will stack up to 50.
  • Hunter - The imbued legacies "Focus Bow Power Cost" and "Induction Bow Power Cost" take on new bonuses at rank 60
  • Lore-master - The imbued legacies "Burning Embers Critical Chance" and "Wizard's Fire Critical Chance" take on new bonuses at rank 60

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fushaum Bal: Upon completing the instance 'The Fushaum Resolution', 18 additional quests will unlock in Fushaum Bal. These one-time quests are similar to the repeatable quests in Fushaum Bal that disappear after completing 'The Fushaum Resolution'. They will allow players to complete the Talath Urui quest deed and gain additional rep for the Fushaum factions.
  • Fushaum Bal Easterlings and Haradrim now unsheatheir weapons when entering combat.
  • Talath Urui - The Pit Fighter second and third instances bosses have been adjusted to make them slightly easier.
  • The music in Frodo's bower has been adjusted to be more appropriate to the setting.
  • Hobbit Allegiance: There are more cues to look up for an objective in "High and Low"
  • Hobbit Allegiance: Footprints are easier to find in "The Last Word"
  • Elf Allegiance: Fixed an errant extra quest ring marker in "The Wandering and the Lost"
  • The Talath Urui road crew has been hard at work - Rocks should no longer be in road blocking travel.
  • Now once you have completed Chapter 1 of the Kingdom of Gondor Allegiance storyline, you can use the Black Lebethron Casket on the top level of Minas Tirith (After-Battle) to enter the Hall of the King (Elessar, not Theoden lying in state). To enter the original version and see Theoden, you will use the original door as normal.
  • The exit door from the Hall of the King now leads to the top tier of Minas Tirith (After-Battle).
  • Udun - Improved quest guides in The Overseer's Post in Udun to help zero in on the location.
  • Udun - Acess to the space behind the locked door at the bottom of Anglach is now barred to players.
  • Scaling Instances with challenge quests will now properly bestow those quests on cap level characters in a level 115 space.
  • Ugrukhor's Spies and any surrendering enemies will be a little easier to find in Udun.
  • Dor Amarth - Orc Patrollers that cannot be defeated are no longer linked to the quest "Hidden Amongst the Ruin" or the various Dor Amarth slayer deeds.
  • The quest 'Mysteries of the Ghâshghurm' is now playable as part of the endgame content in Talath Urui.
  • Lhingris - Whispers of the Enemy - Quest text now clarifies that you must select one of the Orcs to eavesdrop on them.


  • In housing decoration mode, double-clicking a deco object or its hookpoint draws a temporary beam between the two.
  • Lighting housing candelabras will no longer play a sword unsheathing sound.
  • The Yes emote now lists in the chat window emotes UI.
  • Links from Central Gondor and Havens of Belfalas Map to Cape of Belfalas now open the greater Belfalas area map rather than the Cape of Belfalas Homesteads map.
  • Zooming out from the Belfalas Homesteads map takes you to the Cape of Belfalas map.
  • Quest objectives will glow and sparkle regardless of Dynamic Particle Rendering settings.


  • The mithril reset option has been removed from the Rohan West resource instances.
  • The saddle on the Steed of the Eldar has been adjusted forward to more comfortably fit both mount and rider.
  • Player avatars will now remain more in sync with the movements of their travel mount.