Update 21.0.2 - August 9, 2017

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Update 21.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 21.0.2, released on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017.


News and Notes:


  • Several classes have had a few of their skills lowered to be available at Level 1.



  • Aria of the Valar Packages will go to overflow if inventory is full when granted.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Gorgoroth Resource Instance "The Burning Mountain" is now available.
  • The very high-level wights in the Barrow-downs were only supposed to appear at certain times. They've been reprimanded and should no longer constantly appear there, eager to feast on unwary, lower-level characters.
  • The Quest, "Reclaiming Udun: Maudhul Tar Overlook" can now be completed.
  • Optional quests in both The Wastes and Gorgoroth Resource Instances will no longer go away when you leave the instance before the main quest timer runs out.
  • Hobbit Allegiance: There are more cues to look up for an objective in "High and Low".
  • Hobbit Allegiance: Footprints are easier to find in "The Last Word"
  • Aster Hayward can now be spoken to.
  • Elf Allegiance: fixed an errant extra quest ring marker in "The Wandering and the Lost"
  • The Allegiance travel skills have been renamed: Journey to Bâr Thorenion, Journey to the Court of Lothlórien, Journey to the Hall of the King, and Journey to the Hall Under the Mountain. These skills now have a 5 minute cooldown and are unaffected by the Expedient Traveller and Returning Traveller traits.
  • Uruk Enforcers in Udun will wear their shields properly.
  • The enemies in the quest Fatal Prize are now considerably weaker.
  • The Battle Under the Trees session in the Elf Allegiance line should play more gracefully. The session avatar is much more powerful, a number of AI pathing issues have been fixed, and a small number of enemies have been removed. Some of the voice over narration has been slightly re-timed as well.
  • Phasing issues with Mulnir in the Udun Foothold surrounding A Solemn Gathering should be resolved.
  • The lava heat has been pulled back from one of the stones needed for the Quest Four to Open in Udun, so it can be safely reached.
  • Players can now return and use the door again if they are defeated in Four to Open.
  • Udun now has more Uruk Enforcers and surrenderers.
  • The Quest Three Proofs no longer has a sorcerer to prevent confusion.
  • An issue has been fixed in the quest Three Proofs where players could sometimes not be able to summon Yordam.
  • Aragorn will now be standing before the Black Gates for A First Furtive Foray, no matter your current state of progress in Where the Shadows Lie.
  • Orodruin: The North Slopes is now playable.
  • Being defeated in Naerband now places you in a defeat circle in Talath Urui.
  • The Deed Quest of Talath Urui now requires 50 completed quests.
  • All races can now complete the Epic Prologue: At the Behest of Cardavor.
  • The Gorgoroth Task: Obsidian Scales now accepts its namesake.
  • Broodmothers in Lhingris will no longer call for help from other Broodmothers.
  • Corrected some NPCs in Dor Amarth that were not phasing correctly.
  • Memories of the Last Alliance can now be completed.
  • Retreating from Naerband no longer sends players to Bree.


  • Newly-created High Elves can now unlock the usual series of titles for reaching level 20 without being defeated. Existing High Elves cannot earn these deeds.
  • The female avatar elf and human laugh emote has been updated.


  • The Elf and High Elf male will properly display in the Barbershop UI.
  • The light and shadow effect now display properly in scaled Vitals UI.
  • The Allegiance Progress Tracker no longer blocks mouse clicks on overlapped UI elements.


  • The three videos in Epic book volume 4 book 9 will now play in a French client.
  • The high elf video is now available in French and German clients.
  • High elves can now use quest-related mounts.
  • The Reputation Accelerator meter now correctly displays the accelerated reputation available to you.

Known Issues:

  • Some new avatars issues remain.
  • The Burglar skill Exploit Opening does not trigger a Fellowship Manoeuvre.
  • Many Doomfold Crafting items have identical tooltips for normal versus critical results in the crafting panel, but the items still create at their correct level.
  • High Elves currently do not have passive racial traits.
  • Some quests remain untranslated in German and French clients.