Update 19.2 - December 19, 2016

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Update 19.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 19.2, released on Monday, December 19th.

Of Special Note:

New Quests

  • Seventeen new quests and deeds have been added in North Ithilien, including 9 repeatable quests. These quests start with Aragorn in the Camp of the Host.

New Flora

  • A new tier of Ithilien Infused Essences have been introduced. These essences are item level 258, and cover the following stats:
  • Physical Mastery
  • Tactical Mastery
  • Physical Mitigation
  • Tactical Mitigation
  • Morale
  • Critical Rating
  • Might
  • Agility
  • Vitality
  • Will
  • Fate

  • Each crafting profession will get a new, rare ingredient that can be found in The Throne of the Dread Terror, North Ithilien Flora, Featured Instances, and the Yule Festival. These crafting items are tradeable. Crafters will use these ingredients to make a Wild Essence barter item, which is also tradeable.
  • The recipes use the new ingredient, a universal solvent, normal crafting components, and any Ithilien Essence. The recipes are free, and are automatically added to your crafting panel in Update 19.2.
  • The North Ithilien Herbalists will give you an Ithilien-infused Essence box in exchange for one of these Wild Essences. The box allows you to choose the essence with the stat you desire, and there is even a small chance the essence may be a Legendary masquerading as an Incomparable
  • Attention North Ithilien herbalists: The ranger Ereblen has recently discovered more flora growing around the south of the Cross-roads in Ithilien..

News and Notes:


  • Hunter trait points have been refunded.
  • Hunter's Exsanguinate skill damage now properly scales with weapon damage.
  • Hunter's Perseverance trait improves the Press Onward Heal and Power by 10/20/30%, up from 5/10/15%.
  • Blood Arrow is now a general Hunter skill that is automatically granted at level 40. Blood Arrow now has normal Power costs instead of Morale costs. The default cooldown is now 20 seconds. This skill heals 10% of Max Morale on-hit.
  • The Blood Arrow trait Rank 1 now heals 20% max morale on-hit, while Rank 2 reduces the skill cooldown by 5s.
  • Hunter's Strong Draw trait bonus has been increased to 5% per rank.
  • Warden's Ranged Exultation of Battle skill now works with Battle Memory.
  • Warden's Ranged Fierce Resolve skill now works with Battle Memory.
  • Warden's Assailment Battle Memory skills now work with the trait Barbed Javelins, which adds a bleed chance to Ranged Gambits.
  • Warden's Certain Assailment Battle Memory skills are no longer named as if they were melee skills.


  • The Slayer of North Ithilien deed now properly lists 'Easterling-slayer of North Ithilien (Advanced)' as one of its objectives.
  • The Explorer of North Ithilien deed now properly lists 'Haradrim Remnants' as one of its objectives.


  • Property Writs are now given in refund for abandoned, foreclosed, or transferred premium housing. These writs are a voucher that will be used in the future to purchase a Premium House in lieu of Mithril Coins, and are Bound to Account. The writs are expected to be available for use in 19.3 onwards. The refund value of the writ will be equal to the purchase during a server transfer, and will have a lesser value when used for abandoned or foreclosed homes.
  • Auctioneers have been added to the Cape of Belfalas housing area.


  • Pellenor Essences of Morale now drop where Superlative Essences of Morale once did in Throne of the Dread Terror. These essences are item level 270.
  • Throne of the Dread Terror - Challenge Chests now have a chance to drop tokens for Legendary Bracelets. They are item level 258 and contain 3 sockets.
  • North Ithilien - Legendary Rings are now available for barter from the herbalists. They are item level 258 and contain 3 sockets.


  • Weaver's Trapdoor Sanctuary cooldown has been increased from three minutes to five minutes.
  • Warg's Disappear cooldown has been increased from three to five minutes.
  • Monster Player devastate damage has been increased and unified to a 2.5x multiplier.
  • Mitigation Corruptions have been increased.
  • Critical Rating Corruption's Critical Rating values have been buffed, and the Corruption now adds 10% Critical Damage per rank.

Quests and other Adventure Areas

  • Fixed various typos in Helegrod, Gondor, Mirkwood, Rohan, and North Ithilien.
  • The Thorin's Hall Task: Monstrous Scales will be removed from any character that had it underway as the needed items no longer drop in the Misty Mountains.
  • In the 'Fire Beneath the Shadow' instance, Aragorn and Mithrandir no longer have incorrect tool tip information when you have the Foe-slayer of Osgiliath deed in progress.
  • Orcs in Narchost will no longer have peculiar-looking entries in the Combat Log.
  • The Rangers in Narchost will no longer move incredibly slowly when the text says they're moving quickly.
  • Book IV.7.7 'The Ambush' now properly notes that the instance is a Solo-only quest.
  • The door out of Zudrugund could be used to break 'Instance: An Echo of Days Past', so the door is now unusable during that instance.
  • he Ranger Orndil stumbled over his words when you encountered him in IV.7.6, 'The Window on the West,' but now his typos have been corrected.
  • There is now a billboard for defeating enemies in Osgiliath during IV.7.4, 'A Loud Departure.'
  • Most beasts in North Ithilien will no longer count as foes for the purposes of IV.7.5 The Garden of Gondor.
  • Enemies in Bingo's Week 38 quest are now labeled with their correct region of origin.
  • Bingo Week 35, 'Enter the Easterlings' will no longer stall at 11/12 enemies defeated until you empty your pending loot. Now the quest will progress automatically instead.
  • Pebble is a good doggie, and can no longer be slain in Central Gondor.
  • Made the boundary transition between North and South Ithilien more natural.
  • Rosie Cotton in Tookland has settled on a consistent hair style.
  • A certain Elder Brown-bear in the Norcrofts will stand on all four paws now instead of attempting to balance on only two.
  • The Farmers Faire quest 'Restocking the Market' will no longer allow mithril travel.
  • Defeating the Carn Dum Gatekeeper or Urugarth Gatekeeper will no longer cause 5 hour enemy respawn times in their respective areas. Enemies will now reappear after a 5 minute delay.
  • The Epic Battle trait point maximum has been increased to 512.


  • The Yule Festival is back! Newly available: A starry kite, cloak, cozy set of robes, travel mount, war-steed caparison, war-steed antlers, war-steed saddle, war-steed leggings, and a war-steed tailpiece.
  • Mara Sandydowns has some Ithilien Essence Fragments to give away if you complete her quest!


  • Throne of the Dread Terror - It will no longer be possible to swap in an alt or other player to loot chests during the looting phase on any boss in the raid. Players must be present when the boss is defeated to receive loot.
  • Many more NPCs should now make ambient sounds more appropriate to their clothing and weapons.
  • The Mounted Combat panel should now be much more reponsive when you click on a trait tree to enter.
  • The water authority has adjusted various fountains and other water sources throughout Middle-earth to again obey the laws of gravity. Various other particle effects for skills, mobs, and fellowships should behave more normally as well.
  • Game credits have been updated.

Known Issues

  • NPCs that offer quest content you have not yet unlocked are not displaying overhead quest rings.