Update 19.1.1 - December 1, 2016

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Update 19.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 19.1.1, released on Thursday, December 1st.

News and Notes


  • Fixed an issue that could cause some VIP players to find themselves locked out of their premium homes and kinship houses (if they were Kin leader.) If your house is locked after upgrading to a VIP account, the lock will clear after you log out then back in.
  • Classic housing no longer shows a VIP upkeep message.


  • The Burglar Legacy - Critical Chain Skills Critical Chance should once again transform into Critical Chain Skills Critical Rating upon imbuement.


  • Corrected some issues with localized maps in French and German.


  • We have made adjustments intended to improve game performance related to particle and effect systems.
  • Target effect updates have been streamlined. Improvements should be observed by fellowship and raid groups, especially when targeting a mob or player with many effects on them.
  • Defeated targets release their effect information more efficiently. Performance should be improved in cases where many mobs are defeated, or when a boss with many effects is defeated.
  • Our particle effect system has been updated to make better use of information caching. This should improve effect display performance over time during a play session.


  • Ost Dunhoth - Disease and Poison Wing has replaced Helegrod - Drake Wing in the Featured Instance rotation.

Known Issues:

  • Water pressure in some fountains throughout Middle-earth has been increased. This particularly affects the Boar Fountain. The water authority has been contacted.