Update 16.2 - July 20, 2015

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Update 16.2 - Official Release Notes

New features

  • There is a new PvMP area in Osgiliath. You can access this new area via the Sundering of Osgiliath banners in your faction’s Ettenmoors base.
  • Players can now equip cosmetic weapons. You can do so by going to your cosmetic outfits tab and placing the cosmetic weapon you would like in the newly added spot.
  • The Ballad of Bingo Boffin will be starting on July 22. Keep an eye on your mailbox that Wednesday!
  • There are 10 new roving threats that have appeared in Evendim, Mirkwood, and The North Downs. Make sure you are careful when you are out adventuring.


  • Corruption Trait Set 3-piece bonuses now provide a 5% increase instead of a flat amount.
  • Several racial traits have had their rating increased, or have been converted to percentage increases.
  • Mailboxes have been added to Gramsfoot and Osgiliath for use by Monster Players.
  • Four-legged Foe: Increased movement speed buff from 5% to 10%.
  • Born of Shadow - Fixed an issue where this was applying the wrong amount of physical and tactical mitigation.
  • Blood of Fire now reflects DoT effects. Toxic Carapace now reflects 70% of the damage done to the Weaver, instead of 100%.
  • Reaver - Effects that would speed up the player's Attack Duration had a slowing-down effect on Jagged Cut, Serration, Mutilation, Ravage, and Thrash skills. This should no longer happen.
  • Armour of the Unseen: - Fixed an issue where the set bonus was not applying to stealth movement speed.
  • Creep Battlefield Promotions have been granting roughly +1% Outgoing Healing per rank for several years, but the tooltip saying so has been hidden. This tooltip is no longer hidden.
  • Creeps now have 20% more morale and take 10% less damage of all types.
  • Monster player morale and power regen rates have been significantly increased. Monster players should have regen rates should be similar to free peoples' regen rates, relative to their different morale pool sizes.
  • Monster players can now cosmetically equip weapons. Monster players now have three appearance slots that they can equip cosmetics in. Monster players can find cosmetic weapons to purchase for commendations at their class trainer.
  • Monster Players can now purchase a permanent Corruptor Services item at the Special Items trader in Gramsfoot. This item lets you access the Corruptor in the field, though not during combat. You need to be Rank 5 to buy this item. You can also buy this from the Store, with no Rank requirement.
  • Most Monster Player buff items have had their cooldowns reduced to 1 second.
  • The Orc Blood of Fire trait now reflects 4% of the damage dealt to the Orc as fire damage.
  • New creep rest food has been added to the Tarkripper Quartermaster. This food is not rank gated, and provides in and out of combat regeneration more in line with modern creep morale and power. New creep trail food has been added to the Food Trader. This food works a lot like freep trail food; you can only have one trail food buff at a time, and the buffs that the different styles of food grant affect different combat statistics. This food can be purchased starting at rank 10.
  • Free Peoples have new 3-slot armour sets available to them. This armour give 4 points of Audacity for each piece worn.
  • Greater Essences are now available from the Item Trader in both Glan Vraig and Osgiliath.
  • PVMP - Socketing bound essences will bind the item being socketed.
  • The Ettenmoors deed bookmark is no longer a part of the "Eriador" tab of the Deed Log, and is instead a part of the new "The War" tab. There are some new Osgiliath-related deeds for both sides.
  • You may now have up to 15,000 Commendations at once.

Quest and instances

  • Camp Site Fires have been added to various locations in West Rohan and Gondor.
  • Fishing in East Gondor should now provide appropriate rewards.
  • Osgiliath - Sunken Labyrinth - Abomination Warriors Quick Death skill is now only permanent while he is in combat.
  • Osgiliath: Sunken Labyrinth Instance - Balanced Poison Breath skill.
  • 'Interlude: The Last March of the Ents' should once again complete properly.
  • 'The Fellowship Departs' instance has been added to the Reflecting Pool in Rivendell.
  • Retaking Pelargir: for Epic Foes in Secondary Objectives, a countdown now shows the timeframe to earn platinum for that Foe.
  • Sunken Labyrinth - a rare bug where completing the Ruined City could complete a Sunken Labyrinth deed has been fixed - the challenge quest will stop bestowing after the instance has been partially completed.
  • Fixed an issue in the Palace of Eldacar that was causing some mobs to get stuck, causing players to stay in combat. This should no longer occur.


  • Kinships: if a Kinship with a House disbands, Decorations and items in Kinship Housing Storage which are not bound to other players will be sent to the (former) Kin Leader's personal house storage or escrow. Bound items will be returned to the appropriate players, as before.
  • Roving Threat barter prices have been reduced. You can now buy Anfalas Scrolls of Empowerment and LI XP runes from the Roving Threat barter vendors.
  • You can now purchase more than one character slot at once.
  • The Lute of Ages now has a unique appearance.
  • Fixed a bunch of cases where various NPCs forgot their lines. Animals will also now correctly tell you when they are threatening to attack.
  • Fixed a case where occasionally imbued legacies were not applied correctly after reviving.
  • Fixed a problem where links to weapons could show "String Table Error" if the weapon in question was mailed away.
  • Imbued Legendary Items now play the familiar swirling-swords FX when their main legacy levels up.
  • There's a new, turned-on-by-default option under "UI Settings" to control whether you want to see the visual effects that represent weapon damage types.
  • You can now cosmetically equip weapon appearances. Weapons can now be dragged in/out of the wardrobe, same as armor.
  • You can now rename all Legendary Items any time instead of only at reforge by clicking the "Rename" button in the "Legendary Items" panel.
  • You can now see the map of Dunland when you are in the Pristine Glade.