Update 15.2 - February 4, 2015

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Update 15.2 Release Notes

Of Special Note

New Roving Threats

As the War of the Ring intensifies, new threats have come to Middle-earth! Powerful servants of the Enemy can now be found in Angmar, Forochel, Western Gondor, and the Misty Mountains. For those bold enough to stand against these foes, new and unique rewards can be obtained by claiming the brands they bear.
Note: The existing Roving Threats of Central Gondor will also drop these brands.
Roving threats: Weapon rewards received via barter are now bind on Acquire.

Release Notes


  • The Full Screen checkbox in Graphics Options has been replaced by the Screen Mode dropdown, from which you can select Windowed, Full Screen, and, in Windows builds, Full Screen (Windowed). The latter option runs the game in a borderless window at desktop resolution.
  • A Reflecting Pool for Central Gondor can now be found in the town of Linhir, and it contains several instances from the region as well as 'Even In Darkness.
  • Some phantom mapnotes have been removed in order to cut down on confusion. Nothing to see here!
  • Mathoms and Well-kept Mathoms can now be used at level 20 and higher.
  • Players who are sitting, lying down, or fainted will no longer stand up upon entering AFK state.
  • Pets should no longer attempt to engage enemies that attacked you while you were mounted but which are now long gone.
  • A New Reflecting Pool for West Gondor added to the Court of the Prince in Dol Amroth Many instances added to the West Gondor Reflecting Pools found near Morlad and in Dol Amroth
  • When accepting quests, there's a new indicator that shows you when the quest being picked up is repeatable.
  • Dead Marshes - Warband: The Lone Hunter - Sorzur is easier to defeat solo now
  • Southern Bree-fields - Quest: Rogue's Gallery - Brigand's note no longer goes to Pending Loot
  • Archet - Intro: The Wolves of the Ruins - Blackwold Wolf-Master no longer freezes if you try talking to him before he finishes his drama
  • Ered Luin: Gondamon - Kolskegg the Healer is now Pall the Healer as to be confused with Kolskegg Gemcounter.
  • Lone-lands - Quest: Iron-jaws / Deed: Warg Slayer - A couple of warg dens have been added to the Lonelands to make finding wargs easier
  • Moria Instance: Greet the Sun - You can't go outside until after you talk to Svanr now
  • Located a possible culprit for unexpected shallow-water dismounts. Please continue to inform us of situations/locations where you were improperly dismounted from a Warsteed or regular Mount -- but hopefully now you won't have to!
  • Skirmish-specific stat breakdowns on the Skirmish Panel are sorted alphabetically by Skirmish name rather than randomly.
  • Additional physics work for Captain Noreth, who should now be even less likely to fall through her boat.
  • Inspired Greatness could stack a lot of icons for I.4.5, but now they will be limited to just the icons there should be.
  • Several of the NPCs in Tur Morva were mistaking Beornings for Hobbits. They've been given some instructional charts and diagrams and should now be able to tell the difference. The hairy toes were throwing them off.
  • Some NPCs had animation errors in the 'Hatred of Bear and Man' instance, but now they should display properly.
  • Some of Legolas's lines were getting lost during 'Sons of Leaf and Stone' and will now display properly.
  • The Clan Hunters around Aughaire were confused and believed they could drop pages for Beorning class books. They have been told otherwise, and they (and you!) should now be less confused.
  • The textures for the Suitable Tinder in Volume IV, Book 2 have been cleaned up.
  • An issue with secondary map flags doubling up has been addressed
  • Characters who failed the "Celebrating Sunshine" deed before it was hotfixed can now earn the "Sunshine" title.
  • Players who used Gift of the Valar can now pick up the quest "A Tortured Mind" in the Entwash Vale
  • The War-steed Cosmetic Set - Wintry Yule Appearance item is once again usable even if you already have the caparison trait.
  • The name of the alert that informs you of new Epic Battle cashout loot no longer mentions "Helm's Deep"
  • Fixed an issue where class specific essences could benefit any class. These essences will now only apply their benefits if you are the listed class.



  • Skin-change, Mark of Beorn and Grimbeorn, and Nature’s Bond will now persist through crowd control effects.
  • While a bear, a Beorning has twice the melee range.
  • New Skill: Bear Up
    • Out of combat resurrection skill, unlocked at level 36.
  • Vicious Claw is now useable in both forms, instead of just in the form of a bear.
  • Vicious Claw should now properly refresh the bleed of Bash without lowering the damage of the effect.
  • Relentless Maul provides immunity to Crowd Control effects while it is active.
  • Sacrifice’s duration increased to 20 seconds, up from 12 seconds.
  • Bee Swarm unlocks at level 14, down from level 28.
  • Rush unlocks at 24, down from level 36.
  • Rush’s sprint duration is now 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
  • Bear form now has a passive 10% Critical Defence while active.
  • Bear up now has a 3 minute cooldown when useable in-combat.
  • Reduced the first tier of Thrash by 25%, and slightly lowered the damage of tier 2 and tier 3.
  • When Beornings shapeshift, their main and ctrl quickslot bars now switch. You can turn off this behavior via an option on the "Quickslots" tab of the Options panel.
  • Beorning Bear Form skills now shortcut to the "Ctrl" bar by default when they are acquired.
  • Beorning heals should now be properly increased by out-going healing and Tactical Mastery.
  • New Beornings who use the Gift of the Valar will now be able to speak with Rathwald outside the Walls of Moria. Accept the quest 'Beorning: The Sudden Arrival' and talk to Hundi at Echad Dunann to obtain your milestone skill (if you never got it outside of Archet).
  • Beorning tactical skills should now be resisted instead of blocked, parried, or evaded

The Claw

  • Bash:
    • Increased Damage of skill and bleed by roughly 10%.
    • Animation has been sped up some.
  • Expose’s buff now last for 15 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
  • Serrated Edge:
    • Increased the damage of bleed by roughly 20 – 30%.
    • Removed the additional animation swing.
    • New Rank: Bleed damage is now dealt over 6 seconds instead of 12 seconds.
  • Bleed Damage:
    • Move the bleed potency into the implement rather than the add progression. This will help the bleed scale better with your weapon rather than petering out at higher levels.
  • Turn The Tides:
    • Increase the damage by roughly 30%.
  • Moment of Opportunity:
    • No longer can proc on auto-attacks
  • Debilitating Bees:
    • Trait moved from red tree and swapped with Crippling Stings in yellow tree.
  • New Trait: Broad Thrash
    • Thrash - Tier 3 now hits up to 5 enemies in front of the Beorning.

The Roar

  • Nature’s Bond no longer requires facing.
  • Takedown:
    • Knockdown duration increased to 5 seconds, up from 2.2 seconds.
    • Cooldown increased to 30 seconds, up from 20 seconds.
  • Encouraging Strikes:
    • Healing buff now lasts for 20 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
  • Raging Blow:
    • Damage buff now lasts for 12 seconds, up from 5s.
  • Desperate Shouts and Stampede
    • Switch location in tree. (Tier 2 to Tier 3 swap)
  • Crippling Stings
    • Trait moved from yellow tree and swapped with Debilitating Bees in red.
  • Imposing Presence
    • Each rank adds 1 second to the grace period of the Fear.
  • Quick Mend – New Rank
    • Nature’s Mend can now be inducted on the move.
  • New Trait: In The Face Of
    • Bear up can now be casted in combat.

The Hide

  • Passively adding a little bit of threat to all hide skills.
  • Guarded buff now tiers down instead of dispelling if duration runs out.
  • Vigilant Roar
    • Reflects a minor amount of threat in addition to damage.
    • Reduce potency of reflect to 15%, down from 30%.
  • Sluggish Stings
    • Reduces the attack duration of the target in addition to induction speed.
    • New Rank: +10% additional induction and attack duration debuff potency.
  • New Trait: Thunderous Roar
    • Vigilant Roar now taunts all enemies within 10m of the Beorning.


  • In Fellowship Retaking Pelargir, increased the time to earn platinum for Epic Foes Ugturu and Thisarti by a little bit
  • In Retaking Pelargir, there are now prompts to lead the party forward if you just stand around for too long
  • In Retaking Pelargir, there are now announcements of the arrival and defeat of Kisung Teng and Zagaroth, the non-secondary-quest Epic Foes
  • In Retaking Pelargir, some typos, text errors, and audio that wasn't playing have been fixed
  • Retaking Pelarigr map notes are now correctly colored for secondary quests, and never overlap other secondaries –
  • Retaking Pelargir- When enemies clear out as Aragorn arrives at the end should be cleaner and timelier than it had been
  • Epic Battle promotion point cap raised from 216 to 236.
  • Retaking Pelargir - the failure / incomplete notice for Ship-Slaves will now only appear when it should
  • The map flag for Okurayu changed from blue to purple to match the battle menu