Update 14.1 - July 28, 2014

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Update 14.1 - Release Notes

Of Special Note

Fangorn changes

Based on player feedback we have made the following changes to the Fangorn dailies and barter costs.
  • It no longer takes Quickbeam 18 hours to ponder events. It is now a few seconds. He is a very hasty Ent.
  • Resource Instances now yield more Reputation as a completion reward.
  • Incremental and Resource Instance quests can be repeated for Mithril coins. Also, the Quieting repeatables can be played five times a day, up from 1.
  • Cosmetic Pet Huorns are now available for barter for 375 Fangorn Leaves each.
  • Rare Gear recipes now cost 70 leaves down from 100
  • Incomparable Gear recipes now cost 210 leaves down from 400

Release Notes


  • Users should no longer get stuck in the infinite Akamai EULA dialog loop.
  • There are two versions of the Sturdy Steel Key, one that is bound to the character and one that is not. They are two different items and cannot be stacked together. For the key that is bound to the character, the name and description for the key has been updated so that players can now see the two keys are different items.
  • Soon has arrived.
  • Target dummies in Dol Amroth are now level 100
  • Fixed a problem that was preventing the Tier 10 Fate scroll from appearing in high level loot boxes.



  • The Weapons Master trait now correctly applies its buff when first slotted.


  • "Protection" will now function correctly when used on skirmish soldiers.


  • The Dissonance Stance “Glowy Hands” FX will now persist across long distances.
  • "Sharing a Story" is returning at the expense of the two new ranks into "Exposing Weakness"
  • Tactical Mastery Passive now gives increased ratings.
  • Coda of Resonance will now grant allies a +15% incoming healing buff. Up from +5%.


  • Fixed an issue with Assailment stance triggering at inappropriate times.

The Ettenmoors

  • Healing Debuffs now all share equivalence classes and will not stack with one another. The most potent effect will always take priority.
  • Black Arrow’s Duration on healing debuff has been lowered to 10 seconds.
  • Reaver Impale damage is now Orccraft type.
  • Warleader’s “On Your Feet!” cooldown has been increased to 180 seconds, up from 120 seconds.

Defiler Changes:

  • Defiler debuff skill inductions have been increased to 2 and 2.5 seconds, up from 1 and 1.5 seconds.
  • Many of their Heal Over Time effects have been shortened in duration. Lowered from roughly 30 seconds to 20 seconds:
  • Fungal Bloom's duration is now 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Fungal Spores duration is now 20 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Efflorescence's duration is now 21 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Many of their debuff skills have had their effect durations lowered and/or skill cooldowns increased:
  • Curse of Rotten Flesh's duration is now 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Curse of the Melancholic Heart's duration is now 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Goo's duration is now 15 seconds, down from 30 seconds.
  • Curse of Deadly Sorrows's duration is now 20 seconds, down from 60 seconds.
  • Healing Over Time healing has been slightly reduced by roughly 5%.

Epic Battles, Skirmishes, Instances, & Raids


  • The cost of all rewards and skirmish traits have been lowered between 20%-50%. Generally. The highest level rewards and traits have seen the greatest cost reduction
  • The LI barter NOC has been reorganized. Offers for First Age Symbols have been combined into one group. Duplicate offers have been removed.
  • The Level 100 Blemished Symbol of Celebrimbor now requires 1 Seal to purchase along with the appropriate marks and medallions.
  • Removed the Anfalas Scroll of Empowerment offer which required Marks + Seals.
  • Removed the Symbol of Celebrimbor that required no Seals for buying
  • Level 65 and 75 First Age Tokens have been added to the IA barter NPC at Skirmish camps.


  • The difficulty of the Stonedeans instance, “Siege Escalated” has been decreased.


  • The Universal Solvent has been updated to now include an auction house category. It will appear when searching Crafting and/or Component.
  • The Legendary Item Services item has been updated to have a min usage level of 51. This is to resolve an issue with this item producing the intro-to-Item Advancement items for level 50 players, which have only 15 level of advancement.


  • Fixed the non-advancing issue at the entrance of Morlad for IV.1.3, 'The Whisper of Death.'
  • Search for Abedec – Jajax should now always be useable by players.
  • New animations for the Terrible Steed in 'The Shadow in Morthond'
  • Dol Amroth – Tol Fennas - The Corsair Croup – There are now more sick Corsairs in the camp.
  • Dol Amroth – Retaking Dol Amroth – Side-quests for each section (Mason, Bank, Library, etc.) of the instance no longer have a cooldown, and will also be properly reset when the quest is reset with Mithril Coins. (You’ll get all 3 quests every time you run Retaking Dol Amroth.)
  • Tarlang's Crown – First of the Heirs – Players should no longer be prevented from advancing the instance quest when Azruthor goes into drama.
  • Tarlang’s Crown – Respawns – Respawns normalized for all group packs in the area. The southernmost pulls and a few in the main camp were respawning faster than intended and have been corrected. The respawns will occur faster if more people are in the area, but should no longer cause endless combat. All group pulls are still combat-linked.
  • Tarlang’s Crown – Added a rally circle near the southern end of the area that is linked to the majority of the area. If you are defeated in the northernmost sections of Tarlang’s Crown, you will still be sent to Blackroot Vale’s rally circle.


  • Prices for Red Chicken, Dorking Chicken, Scrapper Chicken, Black Chicken, and Blue Chicken cosmetic pets, housing items, and cosmetic items have been changed. The rare, colour-specific tokens alone can be used to barter for a corresponding item. Additionally, these items are also available for barter for a significant amount of the basic Hobnanigans Token. This should make these rewards easier to obtain.

The LOTRO Store

  • Fixed an issue with the store giving an error message and blocking some users from purchasing.