Update 13.1 - May 5, 2014

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Update 13.1 – Official release Notes

Of Special Note

Quieting Quests – FIXED!

Quickbeam will now have a Quieting quest for everyone every day. The reset timer was accidentally being removed during login. So any players that still had any Quieting repeatable quest underway at the 3 am reset time could not pick up a new Quieting quest no matter how long they waited. That timer will now be properly maintained. Additionally, any players who currently have a quest retry with no timer display will be fixed as soon as they login to 13.1 and will be able to pick up a new Quieting quest right away.

Cosmetic Pets!

The miniature huorns of Fangorn have banded together and decided to make themselves stand out a bit more from the less friendly creatures running around Middle-earth.

Not to be outdone, other friendly creatures of Middle-earth are considering joining the huorns in their quest for standing out as player friends.

This new union of “Cosmetic Pets” will allow players to show off their newfound companions in a few new ways. These shy creatures will exist purely on each person’s client meaning that there is a configurable option you can use to turn off the display of all other players’ cosmetic pets if you are experiencing graphical performance problems. Other features are being worked on for this cosmetic pet system but for 13.1 you can get a quick taste of what we have planned.

A few notes:

  • Lore-master non-combat pets will not be affected with the current design. If there is feedback against this being the case let us know, Lore-masters!
  • While there is currently no UI for renaming your cosmetic pets, you can expect to see one in a future update. In the meantime, you can rename these pets via a player command (/cpet rename NAMEHERE).
  • As client-side critters, these cosmetic pets cannot be selected by clicking on them as you would a monster.
  • These cosmetic pets can be used alongside any of your combat pets (or alongside the Lore-masters’ non-combat companions that can take the place of their combat pets).
  • The 3 Fangorn huorn pets are not alone in their use of this new system! Keep your eyes peeled for ways to earn new special little cosmetic friends to follow you around Middle-earth.


There's a new "Auto-Fellow" option on the right-click menu in your friends list. If you mark a friend as "Auto-fellow" and they mark you as "Auto-fellow", then when one of you logs on, if the other is logged on and eligible to be in a fellowship, you will be automatically fellowed up. There's a limit to how many friends you can mark as "Auto-Fellow".

Automatically add tasks to quest tracker control.

There's a new option on the "UI Settings" tab: "Automatically add tasks to quest tracker". This option (set by default to true) controls whether you want tasks to be automatically added to your quest tracker when they are bestowed or advanced.

Inventory sort Button

Added a new "sort" button to the bag 1 toolbar in the inventory. This button (after a suppressible confirmation dialog) will sort all your items, floating all empty space to the top (so that as you get new items, they are separated from your existing items). The sorting algorithm used is the one used for the "auto" sort in the vault, and it has been updated to correctly sort by level items of the same quality and type.

Release Notes


  • Fixed issue with Ranged auto-attacks having nearly doubling their range from last update.
  • You will now receive an appropriately down-scaled amount of currency when killing enemies when you are level-scaled (such as in the Ettenmoors)



  • Blood Rage and Continuous Blood Rage now remove disarm effects and Continuous Blood Rage now provides immuntiy to disarm effects for its entire duration.
  • Fear Nothing Now removes PDFW not just fear. Cooldown has been reduced to 45 seconds, down from 3 minutes.
  • Blood Rage and its improved version are now immediate skills.
  • Wild Attack is now considered a Strike skill. All bonuses and procs affecting strike skills work with this skill.
  • Hamstring’s cooldown has been increased to 20s, up from 4 to 5s. Its slow duration has been lowered to 8s, down from 20s.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing True Heroics to increase attack duration instead of decrease it for Berserker Champions.
  • Berserker Specialization changes:
- Emboldened Blades has a 100% chance to apply its buff, up from 20%
- Devastating Strike now increases enemy incoming melee damage by +10% instead of debuffing miss chance.
  • Trait Changes:
- Wild Swings:
- Critical Chance buff from the final rank now lasts for 10s, up from 6s.
- Vicious Strikes:
- Now increases the Critical Chance of all strikes, not just additional strikes.
- Strong Armed Swings:
- Now affects the damage of all strikes, not just additional strikes.
- Deep Strikes:
- Deep Strikes bleed is now based off your implements dps and has been increased in potency.
- Controlled Burn:
- Increased duration of effect to 30s, up from 20s.
- Decreased cooldown to 90s, down from 120s.
- Athletic:
- Each rank reduces the cooldown of Sprint by 40s, up from 10s.
- Hamstrung:
- Ranks 1 through 4 increases the duration of the slow by 1s. Max rank enables hamstring to knock down its target for 3s.
- Renewing Strikes:
- Increased proc chance to 20%, up from 10%.
  • Specialization Trait Changes:
- Continuous Blood Rage
- Continuous Blood Rage is now an immediate skill.
- CBR now lasts for 20s, up from 15s.


  • The Loyalty trait will now function correctly. When you are critically hit, your pet to sacrifice some of its Morale to grant you a percentage of your max Morale.

Mounted Combat

  • Mounted Combat/Balance: Reduced the damage of mounted monsters since the recent updates to them along with character stat contributions made them a tad too difficult.


  • The Orc Reaver Skill Blood Of Fire will no longer reflect damage from damage-over-time effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Chieftains and First Marshal's were not properly set to open tapping while their counterparts were.
  • Fixed an issue with a few Weaver skills devastating for no damage.
  • Fixed issue with Weaver's Toxin Power Drain being mitigated by tactical mitigation.

Epic Battles

  • Epic Battles - Officer Buff Banners - Duration of banners increased from 10s to 30s. Cooldown of banner skill increased from 60s to 120s.
  • Epic Battles - Helm's Dike - Solo - Orc Bombers should now engage the Rohirrim and players after dropping their powder kegs
  • On completing the "Securing the Culvert" secondary quest, the rewards will no longer be awarded multiple times.
  • Glittering Caves - 3 Man - Cave In - Troll boss should now be an Elite instead of a Signature
  • Helm's Dike - Solo - Removed inaccessible barricade


  • Farmer: Removed the Reputation requirement for the Bluebell Recipes
  • Forester: Elder Stonehoof boars were dropping Sturdy Hides. They now drop Pristine Hides
  • Scholar: Level 65 Legendary Books were using incorrect number of IA Ingredient. Reduced from 2 to 1


  • Bound-to-account stackable items now correctly merge stacks when deposited into your housing storage
  • The Tradition 4 piece bonus allowed Frost Lore to apply a silence which allowed it to be spammed. It was changed to lower tactical mitigation
  • Dagor Infused Parchment used to remove the attunement cost of Scathing Mockery. Since it no longer has an attunement cost, it was replaced by an effect that adds 5 max targets to the skill
  • Nestad Infused Parchments were no longer working after the class revamp. The attunement effect has been replaced with an effect that guarantees Epic for the Ages will critically hit
  • Many Big Battle Jewelry Items that are intended for all tanks have block, which would make them useless for the Champion. I am restatting a lot of gear to appeal to everyone.

User Interface

  • You can now drag/drop items into the mail message body to attach them to the mail.
  • The "send" button in the "Compose Mail" UI now correctly becomes un-ghosted when you acquire enough mithril to send a mail requiring mithril coins.
  • Items purchased from the LOTRO store now show the correct icon background when you receive them in the mail.
  • Opened mail with attachments now gets returned to the sender on expiration instead of being destroyed.
  • Opened mail will last longer in your mailbox before expiring


  • Made some changes to the area near the wall of Isengard, intended to make 'The Breaking of Isengard' less literal.
  • Trollshaws -- The Wolves of Drauglad and A Chilling Revelation -- These quests now properly only bestow near their locations in the Trollshaws.
  • Fangorn Forest -- Twisted Branches and A Natural Remedy can now always be completed and monsters will always be spawned for these quests.
  • Fangorn Forest -- A Forest Without Frontiers -- Players were losing the summoning item after completing the deed 'The Stewards of Fangorn'. This has been corrected. However, you may need to obtain the quest from Quickbeam again (if you no longer have it) before continuing with the huorn. Your progress on the deed will not be affected.
  • Uruks in 'Interlude: The Doorward' have been adjusted to be less unexpectedly deadly.
  • Epic Book Volume 3 Book 4 - Adjusted the layer issues when leaving the Gate-house in Isengard. If you have succumbed to this layer issue (and you'll know you have if you can't find Morflak where he should be), use the Reminder of Captivity to return to the Isengard Depths and get yourself on the right layer again. Then you'll want to proceed through the quest again, and leaving the Gate-house should function correctly, at which point Morflak will have returned to his customary spot. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  • Fixed the spawning for the Key-master in III.4.26.

Source: https://forums-old.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?548051-Update-13-1-Official-Release-Notes