Update 10.1, Official - April 3 2013

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Update 10.1 Release Notes - Official

Of Special Note

Flight to the Lonely Mountain:

Fixed a rare case where the spawn pattern could break


Now that Fate is becoming a more prominent option for itemization, its contribution to ICPR has been lowered. As such, all skill costs have been adjusted accordingly, and the following skills/traits have had their restorative magnitudes adjusted:


  • Increasing the proc chance of Mischievous Delight to 100%, but halving the power return value
  • Burgle will now grant the appropriate level consumables when used on targets level 76 or greater


  • In Defence of Middle Earth: Increased the amount of Fate provided
  • Banner of Victory: Lowered ICPR buff
  • Tactic: Focus: Lowered ICPR buff


  • Second Wind: Increased the amount of power restored and increased cooldown by 5 seconds
  • Controlled Burn: Increased the ICPR buff
  • Fervour/Ardour/Glory: Increased ICPR buff


  • Catch a Breath: Increased power restore
  • Thrill of Danger: Increased power restore
  • Take to Heart: Increased power restore


  • Bow of the Righteous: Increased the amount of power restored


  • Tale of Heroism: Increased the amount of Fate provided


  • Determination: Increased the ICPR buff
  • Dark Before Dawn: Slightly lowered the power return

General Changes

  • Adjusted Critical Defence procs to provide additional crit defence as well as added incoming healing rating
  • Universal Toolkits and Scrolls of Universal Lore obtained from Bound Lootboxes should now be bound to account, rather than to character.
  • Legendary quality items created before update 10 are now equal in strength to the same item created after update 10
  • Fixed a bug that could cause certain NPC quest travel locations to place the player incorrectly.



  • Fixed a Mounted Combat Burglar bug where the halt effect was not being applied when Keen Strike was combo'd with Trick: Strategem. The duration has been increased from five to eight seconds, and the miss chance debuff has been changed from 100% to 50%


  • Swift Strike was not properly proccing the Greater Erebor Beserker's Armour set bonus for champions even though it has strike in its name.
  • The Champions Greater/Lesser Erebor Beserker's Armour 2set bonus was applying Wild Attacks Bleed on critical hit but not devastating criticals. This has been fixed.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing skills other than Merciful Shot to dispel the Swift Mercy buff. This buff should now only be dispel by a successful Merciful Shot.


  • The incoming healing buff from Water-lore should now show on affected targets
  • Erebor Animal-friend gear now correctly states the percentage it enhances the Water-lore Incoming Healing buff.


  • Fixing a bug on the 4-set bonuses for Warrior-Skald Minstrels. Altering the set bonus to have a chance to reset Cry of the Chorus rather than unlock the Coda


  • Scribe New Ending for the Runekeeper and Song of Restoration for Minstrels dispel effect has been strengthened to bring it on par with other dispel effects.
  • Scribe New Ending should no longer require the Runekeeper to be facing their target.


  • Skills - Warden - In Determination Stance, Quick Thrust now has a chance to apply an Incoming Healing buff instead of a Miss Chance Buff.
  • Skills - Warden - The Ranged Damage Fellowship buffs on Ranged Precise Blow, Ranged Piercing Strike, and Ranged Spear of Virtue will now tier up properly. The maximum bonus has increased to 5% if the gambits are used in order. Ranged Exultation of battle will no longer provide a 4% Ranged Damage Fellowship buff.
  • Skills - Warden - Dance of War In Determination was claiming to grant a 30s buff, when it only imparts a 10s buff. The tooltip has been adjusted accordingly. As has always been the case, the 30s version can be acquired by either using Dance of War twice in a Row, or by using Dance of War directly after Maddening Strike.

Mounted Combat

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Light Steed trait Motivation Through Agression from applying its effects to Enduring Embers and Sign of Power: Inspiration
  • Expanded the Heavy Steed Trait, Benevolence, to effect Enduring Embers and Sign of Power: Inspiration

The Ettenmoors

  • The Spotted Warsteed and Orc Head on a Pike mounted cosmetics are back on the Warband lootboxes.
  • Penetrating Arrows for the Black Arrow should now work properly with Screaming Shafts and their Auto-attack.
  • Applying Enhanced Skill: Clinging Webs should now add the parry and evade rating debuff in addition to the miss chance debuff instead of overwriting it.

Instances, Skirmishes, Raids

  • Raids will no longer bestow Seals if the player is below cap.

Iorbar's Peak

Hunters may now also get the Incomparable cloak from this space.

Sammath Gul:

Chests will appropriately appear on T1 and T2

Battle for Erebor

Fixed a case where an invisible wall could remain through a reset

Wraith of Earth Fixed a case where Rhavelmedir would reset following a knockback

The following instances have received additional drops:

  • The Bells of Dale
  • Flight to the Lonely Mountain
  • The Fires of Smaug
  • It is no longer possible to join an instanced public questing area if you do not meet the entrance prerequisites (e.g. having exceeded the per-hour instance limit).
  • After many, many attempts to reason with Mordrambor, his I.10.5 instance 'Springing the Trap' has been reworked. Now it should not fail immediately, or sporadically, or really at all!
  • For The Bells of Dale 6-man: Challenge quest should now rebestow upon reset of the final boss fight, Brotherhood of the Elements sorcerers should now consistently attack, challenge quest should now reward proper currency, and the Jangovar archers should no longer look like they're healing the players instead of wounding them.
  • Dargnakh Unleashed: Damage and frequency of Darghakh's pounding shockwaves has been reduced
  • Lost Temple - This instance will now appropriately drop gloves for Lore-masters, Minstrels and Rune-keepers. Legs were taking their place mistakenly.
  • New items have been added to Webs of the Scuttledales for Agility-based characters


The following items have gained slightly more stats:

  • Arthedain Defender's Leg-guards
  • Arthedain advisor's Rove
  • Ancient Arthedain Defender's Leg-gards
  • Arthedain Advisor's Silk Robe

The following items have had their incomparable versions renamed

1. Battle-historian's Loop is now Battle-annalist's Loop 2. Necklace of the Gathering Dark is now Necklace of the Gathering Night 3. Trampled Silver Ring is now Stifled Silver Ring

  • Increased the potency of the 4 piece Minstrel set bonus for Greater Erebor Armour of Resolve. The HoT applied by Bolster Courage is now more potent and scales more appropriately
  • The Erebor Bowmaster and Erebor Huntsman sets should now appropriately display their 4-piece bonuses
  • The 'Riddle-keeper's Earrring' from has had its stats adjusted slightly. It will now provide more Fate and less Tactical Mastery
  • “Gaunt-lord's Pitted Stud” that drops from the disease wing in Ost Dunhoth has been renamed to “Red-huorn's Putrid Stud”
  • “Gaunt-lord's Pitted Stud” that drops from the posion wing in Ost Dunhoth has been renamed to “Earring of Blight”
  • Created two new healing-focused ring upgrades for the Eastemnet Shields, Weapons, Jewellery Quartermaster
  • Lowered the Finesse progressions on Opportunistic Brigand's/Ruffian's Gloves and added Critical Rating
  • Captain - The 2-piece set bonus on the “Erebor Leader” item set now works with Improved Defensive Strike
  • The Tapped Rohan Keg will now apply an intoxication effect on players when used
  • Toasting Mug-Fixed a bug that allowed this emote to bypass the 'Disable Involuntary Emotes' option.
  • The Breastplate of Nightfall is now correctly a Rare quality item
  • Mindful and Careworn Mender's Breastplate now give Vitality in place of Tactical Mastery
  • Abandoned Dalesman Journal now gives Vitality and Evade Rating, in place of Block Rating.
  • Rune-etched Stone now gives additional Parry Rating
  • The Fine Iron Warden's Shield now gives both Max Health and Fate.
  • Robe of the Treaded Road is now 100% more Solemn!
  • Rune-keeper Greater Armour of the Erebor Cleanser 4-piece set bonus now applies an appropriate-strength Writ of Fire effect

User Interface

  • Under UI Options, there is now an option to disable the temporary Alienware LFX lighting changes triggered by LOTRO.
  • We now correctly show your fellows dots on the map and radar, even when they joined the fellowship whilst inside a building.
  • Fixing a bug where sometimes your LI Tracking field would get cleared out between sessions.
  • The Snowbourn map in the French and German clients now come up as expected, including the character's location, when opening the map while in Snowbourn.

Town Services, Vendors, and NPCs

  • Non-level cap barter vendors should now allow the exchange of barter tokens at a reduced cost. Players can now trade 15 silver tokens, rather than 25, for 1 gold token.

Source: Update 10.1,Official