Update 10.0.2, Official - March 20, 2013

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Release Notes Update 10.0.2 - Official



  • Fixed a bug on the The Greater Armour of the Erebor Skald 4 -set bonuses for Warrior-Skald Minstrels. Altering the set bonus to have a chance to reset Cry of the Chorus rather than unlock the Coda.

Legendary Items

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes your LI Tracking field would get cleared out between sessions.


Northcotton Farm

  • Fixed an issue where Thadur could get stuck if you defeated the cauldron while he was talking

Bells of Dale

  • The final boss fight now resets properly.
  • Rats will now properly continue to spawn for the entire fight.
  • Challenge currency awards are now correct.
  • Challenge quest now will now properly re-bestow.

Great Barrow Cluster

  • The standard final boss chests in the Great Barrow instances will now give the appropriate Legendary quality item for each class.

Erebor Cluster

  • Tier 1 of the Flight to Lonely Mountain, Fires of Smaug and Battle for Erebor instances will now give 2nd age symbols, in place of 1st age symbols. Tier 2 (and the Challenges of these spaces) will continue to give the 1st age symbol.
  • Please note, Flight to the Lonely Mountain remains closed to players at this time.


  • Earth Wing: Proper boss chests should now spawn on both tiers.
  • Fixed a reset issue with the final boss.

Sammath Gul

  • Chests will appropriately appear on T1 and T2

Source: Update 10.0.2,Official