Troll-slayer (Advanced) (Lone-lands)

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Deed Lore

Defeat many Trolls in the Lone-lands.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Defeat Trolls in the Lone-lands (80)
These beasts mostly inhabit the southern swamps within the Lone-lands, and have long been a source of fear and loathing by those travellers who seek the roads further east.


   10 LOTRO Points
  30 Mark
   2000 Virtue Experience
   Increased Reputation with The Eglain ( 700 )

Deed Chain Information

  1. Troll-slayer (Lone-lands)
  2. Troll-slayer (Advanced) (Lone-lands)

Additional Information

Trolls can be found in the forest area on the east side of Harloeg. [38.8S, 26.0W]