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The Tag Beacon awaiting the start of a game.

Tag and Freeze Tag

Tag and Freeze Tag are Leisure Activities (i.e. not quest related) which can be enjoyed by players of all levels at all times of the year, not just during festivals.

There are two tag arenas located within ruins southeast of the Festival Grounds in Bree.

  • In both games, you "run into" (i.e. run over) a player -- to tag them. (You occupy the same space as they do.)
  • If a player steps past the entrance arch they are removed from the game and are ”safe” - no one can tag them.
  • If the person who is It steps out of the arch, the game ends and a new player must click the marker to start the game again.
  • Mounts are not permitted in the tag arenas.
Tag Beacon - game in progress
  • To start a game, a player clicks on the Tag Beacon -- that player is then "it." All other adventurers inside the ruins are fair game!
  • When the Torch is lit, there's a game of tag a-foot!
"Let the grand game begin"


Tad Hollyway at the Tag Beacon awaiting the start of a game

In traditional Tag, each game consists of one player attempting to tag other players to transfer the title of tagger to another player while staying within the bounds of the ruins.

To play Tag, visit Tad Hollyway at the ruins overlooking the Hedge Maze, southeast of the Festival Grounds in Bree and activate the Tag Beacon. [25.6S, 50.9W]

Clicking on the beacon displays the tooltip:
"You've joined a game of Tag! When you're it, run into another player to tag them. Leaving the tag area will end the game. Remember, no tagbacks!"

Freeze Tag

In Freeze Tag, the player who is "it" tries to freeze every player by touching them while the other players attempt to free the frozen players and escape the tagger.

To play Freeze Tag, short distance away to the east, is another set of ruins where you can engage in "freeze tag." Biddy Dogwort oversees this Tag Beacon [26.2S, 49.7W].

Clicking on the beacon displays the tooltip:
"You've joined a game of Freeze Tag! If you're unfrozen, you can rescue a frozen player by standing next to them for a few seconds.
The Freeze Tag arena is multi-level!
Once all players are frozen the game will announce that the It player has won.