Quest:Seasonal: Storvâgûn's Riches

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Storvagun's Riches
Level 150
Type Solo
Repeatable Yes
Starts with Verbena Greenhand
Starts at Winter-home
Start Region Frostbluff
Map Ref [11.9N, 95.1W]
Quest Group Frostbluff
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Hallo there! How are you enjoying the Yule Festival?'

'Plenty of food and a bit of theatre... how grand! I wonder, though. I heard of a curious tale from one of the patrons of Winter-home. Have you heard it as well?'

'No? Well, it goes that there was once a greedy, old giant named Storvâgûn who lived above Helegrod. He was so greedy that he decided to speak for all of his friends and make a deal with some nasty Men from the North. Even worse, all his friends went along with it - except for one! That one, Arifael, was a better sort of giant... a friendly giant! So Arifael found some new friends and sent them to stop old Storvâgûn from being so selfish! And then they took all of his treasure!'

'You know, saying that out loud... I think I have forgotten the lesson of the tale. But I am certain there is one!'

'Anyway, rumour has it that old Storvâgûn returns to count his riches atop Helegrod during the Yule Festival. I'm not sure I believe it, but if it were true, I bet a brave adventurer like you could snatch a few coins out from under his nose!'

'I'd make it worth your while, but if you go looking for his gold, don't blame me if you find him too!'


Vast riches were granted to Storvâgûn by the Men of Angmar. Although many of his trinkets bear the corruption of the Witch-kind of Angmar, brave adventurers might uncover the most valuable of Storvâgûn's riches.

Objective 1

Storvâgûn can be encountered during the Yule Festival in Boss From The Vaults: Storvâgûn.

NOTE: This quest will only be advanced on Tier 2 of Boss From The Vaults: Storvâgûn. In addition, this quest can only be completed once per Yule Festival.

Objective 2

  • Deliver the gold coins to Verbena Greenhand in Frostbluff

Verbena Greenhand can be found in Frostbluff.

You have collected a number of Vile Gold Coins and you should now deliver them to Verbena Greenhand.


'Well, well! You look chilled to the marrow, my dear! I ought to have known better than to send you up to old Helegrod! Did you find any of old Storvâgûn's coins?
So the tale was true! I knew it!
'I'm afraid I've no scarves or cloaks to offer you, but perhaps this will do?'