Quest:Pie for The Green Dragon

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Quest:Pie for The Green Dragon
Level 7
Type Solo
Starts with Holly Hornblower
Starts at Hobbiton
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [31.2S, 71.1W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Chain Hot Pie Delivery
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Ah, just who I wanted to see. I've got something very important for the likes of you!

'I'm up to my ears in people wanting my pies. Now I'm not complaining -- it's good that people love my pies -- but I've not the time to deliver them! Right now I've got one that simply has to be taken to The Green Dragon. Would ye take it there?

'The pie is cooling on the table over there. Take it to Gerd Whitfoot, south-east of here in Bywater, and be quick about it! I'm known for delivering hot pies, and if it cools too much, I won't get paid! Also, don't let any hungry hobbits catch a whiff of the pie, or they'll be over here pestering me for a slice, and I don't have time for that either!'


Holly Hornblower's pies are in exceeding demand, and she does not have time to deliver them all.

Objective 1

  • Pick up the pie from the table
  • Avoid hungry hobbits

Gerd Whitfoot is at The Green Dragon Inn in Bywater.

Holly Hornblower has asked you to deliver a pie to Gerd Whitfoot at The Green Dragon in Bywater. She warned you to not allow any hungry hobbits catch a whiff of the pie, or they will come by pestering her for a slice, and she has no time for that.

Holly Hornblower: 'The pie for The Green Dragon is cooling over there by the table. Take it to Gerd Whitfoot at The Green Dragon in Bywater, to the south-east.
'Be quick about it, my pies must be delivered piping hot! And don't let nay hungry hobbits catch a whiff, of they'll be pestering me for a slice!'

Objective 2

Holly Hornblower can be found north of Hobbiton's main square, behind The Ivy Bush.

You should return to Holly Hornblower and let her know that the pie has been delivered.

Gerd Whitfoot says, "Thanks friend... it smells a bit odd though..."
Gerd Whitfoot says, "Oh well, I'm sure it's fine!"
Gerd Whitfoot: 'Thanks again for that pie, although it smells a, somehow. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be delicious. Please give my thanks to Holly!'
Holly Hornblower: 'Smelled a bit off, he says? That Gerd Whitfoot couldn't smell a pig farm if he was in the middle of it!
'Anyway, there's another pie that needs to be delivered, and the one waiting for this pie isn't quite so friendly as Gerd over in Bywater!'