Quest:Instance: The Library of Steel

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Instance: The Library of Steel
Level 60
Type Solo only
Starts with Mundgeirr
Starts at Dolven-view
Start Region The Great Delving
Map Ref [8.5S, 112.3W]
Quest Group Moria
Quest Text

"The Library of Steel contains many secrets of the smithy, protected by the wards of the dwarves, for which they are well-known. Now the Ghâsh-hai seek to summon lesser fire-spirits to break the wards and ravage the library and the forge within...."


The Library of Steel is under attack by a band of Fire-orcs from the depths of Moria. They are attempting to summon enough fire-spirits to break the wards protecting the library and turn it into an inferno. You must protect the library and defeat the Orcs if you wish to make use of the ancient forge within to complete your quality.

Objective 1

You must defeat the Fire-orc summoners in order to prevent them from summoning enough spirits to destroy the library. If too many spirits are gathered within the library, it will be consumed in an inferno and lost. Once the summoners have been dealth with, you must then face the leader of the Orcs....

Oshadhúr says, "You may have stopped the summoning, <race> - but you shall still die at my hands!"
Oshadhúr says, "Our flames shall grow to consume all of Moria!"
Oshadhúr says, "How is it you still stand!? Burn, Elf, BURN!!!"
Oshadhúr says, "Argh! How...!? The flames are... fading..."
Defeated Oshadhúr

Objective 2

  • Use the ancient anvil

Use the ancient forge to empower your infused adamant.

You have created an empowered adamant