Quest:Instance: The Daring Strike, Mid-day

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Instance: The Daring Strike, Mid-day
Level 75
Type Solo only
Starts with Map Table
Starts at Grimbold's Camp
Start Region Gap of Rohan
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 5
Reflecting Pool Dunland Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Daring Strike, Mid-day
"Théodred came to the gates of Isengard by mid-day, and the uruks arrayed before him readied for his assault. We lined up, ready to charge!"


Prince Théodred and his host have come to the gates of Isengard, and it is now time for his daring strike to begin.

Objective 1

Théodred is waiting to address his assembled men, and you should speak with him.

Théodred: 'Hildred spoke true. There are Orcs outside the walls, but their numbers should not be a problem for us, <name>.
'Let us see what they think of my riders!'
  • Listen to Théodred's plan for the attack
Théodred says, "Rohirrim!"
Théodred says, "Our foes lie before us! See them assembled outside their walls!"
Théodred says, "Grimbold, have your archers send our greeting to Saruman!"
Grimbold says, "With pleasure, my Prince."
Grimbold says, "Archers, come forward!"
Grimbold says, "Volley!"
Théodred says, "Grimbold, take <name> and attack from their flank while our riders harry them!"

Objective 2

  • Talk to Grimbold at the head of the host

Prince Théodred has asked you and Grimbold to cut through the brush on the eastern side of the road to attack the half-orc flank.

Grimbold: 'We will cut through the brush on this side of the road, <name>, and attack our enemies' flank!'
  • Follow Grimbold into the brush on the eastern side of the road and attack your enemies
Grimbold says, "This way, <name>, on foot!"
Grimbold says, "Look! The riders have begun their attack!"
Grimbold says, "Do you hear that, <name>? Someone comes! Get ready!"
Half-orc Fighter says, "Tryin' to sneak around us?"
Grimbold says, "That was not all of them, <name>...stay alert!"
Grimbold says, "More half-orcs approach!"
Grimbold says, "Archers from hiding!"
Grimbold says, "Here comes another! And it sounds like a big one!"
Rungar says, "Grimbold! <name>!"
Grimbold says, "Rungar! We thought you were an enemy!"

Objective 3

Rungar has arrived on the flank of the main host, and you should speak with him.

Rungar: 'Prince Théodred has routed the enemy! Victory is ours! <name>, Grimbold, come with me, and we will send them howling back into the Ring of Isengard! We will send them back to Saruman!'
You have unlocked the movie 'Volume III, Book 5: The Prince of Rohan, Mid-day'.

Objective 4

  • Talk to Grimbold before the gates of Isengard

Before the gates of Isengard, the Rohirrim led by Théodred have come under attack by an overwhelming force of Saruman's uruks.

You need to speak with Grimbold amid the chaos of battle!

Grimbold: 'We are outnumbered, <name>!' The Prince has ordered a retreat, but first we must survive this attack!
'Our riders have managed to net some of our foes! Attack the netted uruks and keep them from breaking through!
'I will try to drive some of the others away!'

Objective 5

  • Defeat netted uruk-warriors at the gates of Isengard (0/3)

The riders have netted some of the attacking uruks, and Grimbold has charged you with defeating them in order to buy time for the retreat.

Defeated netted uruk-warriors at the gates of Isengard (3/3)
Rohirrim Archer says, "This is our chance! We have to retreat now!"
Rohirrim Archer: 'Are you <name>? You are! We have to get out of here!'
Shouts of dispair and cries of terror rise from the pockets of Rohirrim still fighting for their lives. The archer looks at you with fear in his eyes and throws his bow down in the dust.
'They day is lost! There are too many uruks!'
The men begin to break for the road back to the ford, and all sense of order is lost as the uruks gather on all sides.