Quest:Gleaning the Field

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Gleaning the Field
Level 7
Type Solo
Starts with Brethilwen
Starts at Limael's Vineyard
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [26.7S, 94.9W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain Vintner's Aid
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'By this time of the year, most of the grapes have been picked and the wine already bottled. This was a very generous season, however, and many of the vines are still laden with grapes. I would welcome your assistance. Wine-making is not easy work, but performing this task will certainly add to your appreciation of the wine you drink.

'Harder still when nasty goblins find their way into the fields and drive you off. I think though you might be sturdy enough to aid me.

'If you would, gather the grapes from the vines still hale and hearty enough and I will see that this cask is filled with the finest this vale has to offer.

'The vineyard is below us and further to the west along the stone path. Be careful of the goblins -- they are particularly nasty.'


Brethilwen, the Master-vintner of Celondim, believes there are enough grapes left on the vine for one last cask of wine.

Objective 1

The fertile vines grow around a lake in a sheltered valley west along the stone path beneath Brethilwen. You will need to be wary of the goblins.

Brethilwen has asked you to pick the remaining grapes from Limael's Vineyard.

Brethilwen: 'Six large clusters of grapes from this season's ripe vines should be enough. Any less than that, and I could not in good conscience bottle them.'

Objective 2

Brethilwen is in Celondim, south-east of Limael's Vineyard.

You should return to Brethilwen with your harvest.

Brethilwen: 'Very good, <name>. Years from now, your efforts today will bring great joy to many. Hard work brings satisfaction, not just in wine-making but in all things.'