Quest:Earning Respect

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Earning Respect
Level 98
Type Solo
Starts with Jajax
Starts at Lothgobel Tavern
Start Region Lamedon
Map Ref [64.3S, 57.1W]
Ends with Jajax
Ends at Lothgobel Tavern
End Region Lamedon
Map Ref [64.3S, 57.1W]
Quest Chain Lothgobel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Jajax strikes you as someone who might be prevailed upon to listen to reason, despite his aggressive words upon your meeting. You tell him that you mean him no harm, and wish to speak civilly.

'Civil, eh? You have killed many of my men to come here. But I suppose I have done the same to the people you look on as your kin.

'I will consider negotiations with you, but you must earn my respect, and that of my men, otherwise they will not look kindly upon your coming and going where you please. Speak with Damkalb, at that table yonder.'


Jajax has demanded that you earn his respect before any attempt at negotiation is made.

Objective 1

Damkalb is in the tavern in Lothgobel.

You should speak with Damkalb.

Damkalb: 'Aye, Jajax wishes to see if you are a proper warrior, worthy of respect. To do this, you must drink! Six drinks, and you must match my time and keep your feet under you. Then you may talk.'
Damkalb has challenged you to best his drinking time

Objective 2

Damkalb has challenged you to drink the strong liquors of the Corsairs, which can be found in the tavern of Lothgobel.

You should drink the liquors of the Corsairs in the time allotted.

Objective 3

Jajax is in the tavern of Lothgobel.

You should speak with Jajax.

Jajax: 'Ha! A good show, <name>. You drank it faster, but Damkalb holds it much better. See how straight he sits?
'But truly, you did as well as any Corsair. I could never negotiate with anyone who cannot keep down a drink. You have my attention. What is it you wish to discuss?'