Quest:Chapter 2: Rekindling the Flame

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Chapter 2: Rekindling the Flame
Level 49
Type Solo
Starts with Laerdan
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.9N, 23.9W]
Ends with Daervunn
Ends at Esteldín Central Courtyard
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [9.4S, 41.3W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 8
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'What hope remains to Golodir must lie with his own people. It may be that they can repair this gear or somehow draw from it, something that may renew Golodir.

'Take this equipment to the hidden Ranger encampment of Esteldín in the North Downs -- I am sure you have been there before. Tell them Laerdan of Eregion sent you.

'Time is wasting for Golodir.'


You managed to recover Golodir's equipment, but as Laerdan pointed out to you, the gear was corroded and decayed beyond use.

Objective 1

Daervunn is at Esteldín in the North Downs, far to the south and west of Angmar.

Laerdan instructed you to take Golodir's equipment to the Ranger Daervunn to be repaired.

Laerdan: 'You should not tarry here, but make your way to Esteldín. Perhaps there Golodir's friend Daervunn may be able to repair his gear.'
Daervunn: 'Golodir's equipment? I will help however I can.
'Hmm, yes. I believe I can repair the damage to his mail shirt, but repairing the shield and the sword is beyond my ability. I think though one of the armoursmiths here in Esteldín will be able to help. Go and take the sword and shield to Toram. While you do this, I will set to work on the shirt.'

Objective 2

Toram is in Esteldín.

Daervunn felt he could repair Golodir's shirt, but the sword and shield were beyond his ability. He asked you to speak to Toram in Esteldín to have those items repaired.

Daervunn: 'I will repair the shirt, but the sword and shield are beyond my ability. Take them to Toram, one of Esteldín's armoursmiths. He should be able to fix them.'
Toram: 'So Golodir lives? It is an amazing thing. I had thought him long dead, yet another victim of Angmar. It is a shame though that his freedom was won at the price of his daughter's life. Lorniel was a gift. Beautiful in spirit and form. What a shame.
'Ah, I have gone on too long. Let me see that sword and shield. I will do what I can to help Golodir.'
  • Wait for Toram to complete his task
Toram says, "Hmm, the sword looks of Elf-make... the shield though, that's something I can repair."

Objective 3

Reclaim Golodir's sword and shield from Toram in Esteldín.

Daervunn asked you to take Golodir's sword and shield to Toram, an armoursmith in Esteldín, for repair.

Toram: 'Well, the shield was not a problem, although I have never seen one quite like it. This was not Golodir's shield, it is much older and bears the markings of the South Kingdom. Very interesting...whatever the case, it will serve him well.
'The sword though, well that is another matter. It was forged by the Elves long ago and is beyond my ability to repair, but I have done what I can.
'Perhaps Daervunn will have another thought on how to repair Golodir's sword.'
Collected the Gondorian Shield

Objective 4

  • Bring the sword and shield to Daervunn

Daervunn is at Esteldín.

You should return to Daervunn to collect Golodir's shirt and see if he has any thoughts on how to repair Golodir's sword.

Toram: 'I have done all I can for you. That sword is beyond my ability to repair. I would speak with Daervunn, if I were you. He may have some thoughts on how it may yet be repaired.'
Daervunn: 'Fortunately, without too much difficulty, I have been able to repair the shirt. I am disappointed though that Toram was unable to repair the sword. At least he was able to repair the shield.
'It is interesting that the shield you found was not Golodir's, but it is of the South Kingdom. It is quite a mystery...but one that must be solved another time, I suppose.
'Returning to the sword, if we are to have it reforged, I can think of but one place where there are Elf-smiths of sufficient skill to repair it.'
Collected Golodir's Mail-shirt