Quest:Black Wings

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Black Wings
Level 64
Type Solo
Starts with Ivorel
Starts at Ivorel's Camp
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [12.4S, 50.9W]
Quest Group Mirkwood
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Keep one eye to the skies, <name>. There are a number of the Enemy's black-feathered servants about. My scouts will be hard pressed to move unseen with such keen eyes above us.

'Defeat them quickly if you should come upon them in the ravines and gullies below...the fewer that make it back to Dol Guldur alive, the better.'


If Ivorel's scouts are to have any hope of moving without the Enemy knowing their every step, the crows of the Enemy will need to be kept at bay.

Objective 1

Scuttledells crows can be found throughout the Scuttledells.

Ivorel has asked you to hunt down Scuttledells crows to prevent them from finding her scouts or reporting back to Dol Guldur.

Objective 2

Ivorel is at her camp in the Scuttledells.

You should speak with Ivorel and tell her that many of the Enemy's flying scouts have been slain.

Ivorel: 'So, there are fewer of the Enemy's crow-spies about? Excellent.

'If we can move about unseen, we have a better chance of rescuing a few of our people from these cursed ravines.'