Quest:A Deal Gone Sour

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A Deal Gone Sour
Level 22
Type Solo
Starts with Pengail
Starts at The Weather Hills
Ends with Anlaf the Forlorn
Ends at The Forsaken Inn
End Region Lone-lands
Map Ref [34.0S, 40.7W]
Quest Group Lone-lands
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Oi! Lend a man a hand, won't you? These cursed goblins captured me after I made honest effort to trade. Oh, I know it's wrong, but a man's got needs, and one of those needs is eating, friend.

'I ain't had myself a square meal since heading north with those fellows what moved on the Bree-fields, and I'm not like them. I just want to get by and earn enough coin to purchase a patch of land to call my own.

'If you don't help me, I'll be lucky to last a night. These goblins keep saying that they want to trade me to Orcs at Midgewater Pass. If you take me south-west to The Forsaken Inn, I'll give you some coin and a pick from the treasures I found in the ruins. We have a deal?'


Pengail says that he meant to trade with the goblins, meeting his obligations to Thomas Thistlewool in Bree-town. The goblins double-crossed him and took him captive and now plan on trading him to the Orcs encamped in the Midgewater Pass.

Objective 1

The Forsaken Inn is south-west of the goblin encampment.

Pengail has asked you to help him escape the goblins and take him to The Forsaken Inn.

Objective 2

  • Help Pengail escape from the goblins
Pengail says, "The goblins beat me hard, but I'll do my best to keep up."
Pengail says, "I'll need my sword. I'm useless without one."
Pengail says, "I must find my sword. Perhaps they hid it here."
Pengail says, "My sword's not here...only this scrap. I must find my sword."
Pengail says, "The sword was given to me by my father. It's been in my family for a long time!"
Pengail says, "Nothing! How could I have been so stupid."
Pengail says, "I'm sorry...I must rest. My wounds are not fully healed."
Pengail says, "I feel better. Let us move on."
Pengail says, "I must search this crate as well."
Pengail says, "I'll see these filthy goblins laid low!"
Pengail says, "I want revenge against these goblins!"
Pengail says, "I'll check this crate to see if my sword is within."
Pengail says, "Only one more place to check. Follow me."
Pengail says, "I must rest wounds...."
Pengail says, "All right, let's continue on, but take it slower."
Pengail says, "I must search this last place."
Pengail says, "Ah! My father's sword."
Pengail says, "Not far to go now!"
Pengail says, "Tell Anlaf the Forlorn to give you what I had in my room."
Pengail says, "I'll be fine from here on. Thanks for your help!"
You have rescued Pengail

Objective 3

Anlaf the Forlorn is at The Forsaken Inn.

After you helped him escape and find his father's sword, Pengail told you that Anlaf the Forlorn has the valuables that he left in his room. He told you to let Anlaf know that he is free and that he offered you a reward from his belongings.

Anlaf the Forlorn: 'He was captured by goblins. Ha! Fools running off to make deals with goblins deserve what they get! You rescued him though, and that makes you a better man than I, I guess.
'I did empty his room when he didn't come back and that note appeared. I took what was owed me but you can have the rest.
'Such a good person as yourself ought to be given something for helping a fool like him.'