Patch Notes - July 11, 2007

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The following changes were made in the July 11 patch:

  • Audio
    • Shouts and cries are back by popular demand! Additionally, new shout and cry sound effects have been added for some races.
    • The placeholder sound for blocking, parrying, critical hits, and a few other skill feedback sounds has been replaced with the proper sound effects.
  • Helegrod
    • The Spider now has greater reserves of his signature deadly poison, and a willingness to use it.
    • The Angmarim and his Drake servitors are more dangerous now. The drakes are more likely to use their wing flap skills to send players flying away from them.
    • The chest containing Drugoth's crown in Helegrod will no longer destroy itself if it is opened and then closed.
  • Misc
    • The generation ratio between Smithing and Precious ores has been restored to their pre-patch weightings of 3:1
    • Guards located at the resurrection circles throughout the Ettenmoors will no longer be affected by fear.
    • Fixed an issue with NPCs that were showing the pending quest ring and displaying a list of pending quests that had an invalid retry time.
    • Captain: Herald Armaments will now increase your Herald's ability to mitigate damage (they were doing the opposite before).
    • Captain: Telling Mark will once again enable your Herald to use his skills.
    • If you are defeated in the "The Thief-taker's Bane" you will no longer reappear where you were defeated. Instead you will be taken to a nearby defeat circle (rally point? whatever we call these in-game.)
    • Added admin commands to free items stuck in Landroval's mail system
    • Additional server-side maintenance