Book 12, Patch 1.1 - February 19 2008

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Release Notes Book 12, Patch 1.1


  • Elf and Human females no longer have wandering eyes when AFK.

Items (General)

  • The value of the Bree-horse and Bree-pony has been fixed. They will now be sold for a few copper, instead of several silver.

Quests (Specific)

  • Fixed a respawn issue “Book 12, Chapter 5” with Lozudurkh. He should now show up if a player who needs a key is nearby.
  • The final phase of the "Seven Swords" quest chain has been temporarily locked. It is meant to be completed by a group, and was incorrectly behaving as a solo quest.


  • Fixed a staircase in the High Pass. Players should no longer fall through the staircase in Hrimbarg.