Item:Fried Beetroot Sticks Recipe

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  Fried Beetroot Sticks Recipe
  • Requires: Gundabad Cook crafting ability
Fried Beetroot Sticks
Gundabad Craft XP Earned: 10

Tool Required: Cooking Supplies
Facility Required: Campfire

0/1 Gundabad Vegetables
0/1 Jar of Vegetable Oil
0/1 Minas Ithil Herbs

Optional: Critical Chance: 5%
0/1 Pinch of Rare Gundabad Spice
☐ Use +35%
0/1 Universal Optional Crafting Ingredient
☐ Use +100%
Critical Success Produces:
2 Fried Beetroot Sticks

Item Information

This recipe is automatically bestowed upon reaching Gundabad crafting Tier (T14).

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