Item:Fateful Toolkit

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Fateful Toolkit
  • Bind to Account
  • Item Level: 11
  • Tool
  • +20% Cook Critical Chance
    +20% Jeweller Critical Chance
    +20% Metalsmith Critical Chance
    +20% Scholar Critical Chance
    +20% Tailor Critical Chance
    +20% Weaponsmith Critical Chance
    +20% Woodworker Critical Chance
    -4.5s Farmer Harvesting Duration
    -4.5s Forester Chopping Duration
    -4.5s Prospector Mining Duration
    -4.5s Scholar Researching Duration
    +10% Wallet Barter Tokens: Festival and Landscape through Gundabad
  • Substantial
  • Durability 100/100
  • "This set of tools, useable by any crafting profession, grants bonus festival and landscape wallet barter tokens when equipped. Bonus applies to landscape wallet tokens up through Gundabad (level 140)."

Item Information

This item is part of the Ultimate Delving Supplies from the Fate of Gundabad: Ultimate Fan Bundle.

These new Universal Toolkits give +10% bonus earnings on Wallet Festival tokens and Wallet Landscape tokens.... the Fateful Toolkit works on content levels 1 through 140.[1]

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