Hardy Companion

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Hardy Companion
  • Lore-master
  • The Power of your Companions is increased.
  • Your companions have the following bonuses:
       +1 Level
       +5% Morale
       +5% Power
       +2% Attack Speed
       +2% Outgoing Damage
       +1% Critical Chance
       +2% Block Chance
       +2% Parry Chance
       +2% Evade Chance
       +1 Stealth
       +1 Stealth Detection

Trait Information

Skill Relationship

Slotting this trait would transform your pet summoning skills to an improved version, e.g. Raven-lore becomes Improved Raven-lore. Your summoned pet would have the improved stats as described above, although the summoning skill itself remained unchanged (same power cost, same summoning time etc).