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Ettens are one of the breeds of Troll-kind, native primarily to the Trollshaws and the Ettenmoors to which they lend their name. Like their cousins, the Stone-trolls, Ettens have a more humanoid appearance than other breeds of Troll and are often able to speak the tongues of Men. Folklore describes them as fearsome monsters possessing multiple heads. Upon closer inspection, it appears that most Ettens simply wear wolf- or bear-skin cloaks, creating the appearance of a two-headed beast.

Still, the tales of multi-headed Trolls are no mere legend. In the caverns of the Ered Mithrin lurks the towering, two-headed monster known as Gast-Nûl. Other Two-Headed Trolls have been sighted in Elderslade during the War of Three Peaks. Perhaps the Ettens of the Trollshaws are attempting to emulate their ancient two-headed brethren, keeping the horrible stories alive and striking fear into the hearts of the Free Peoples.

Ettens are Elite difficulty and are always aggressive. They are weak to Light damage and to a lesser extent Fire damage, and are resistant to Common damage.

A list of all known sightings:

Ettens(26 P)


Ettens (also spelled Ettins or Eotens) are a type of troll or giant in European folklore. The name derives from the Jotunn, a race of giants in Norse mythology. J.R.R. Tolkien used the term in the names of the Ettenmoors and Ettendales, though he appeared to be using "Etten" simply as a synonym of "Troll" rather than a separate breed.