Enemies of the Rohirrim

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Deed Lore

Explore the encampments of Rohan's enemies.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Olghakhósh is a small Easterling-camp in the Wold.
Jóshkhin Orda is the large Easterling-encampment of the Wold, where Súth-torr was captured by the Nazgûl to pave the way for the enemies of the Rohirrim.
The Orcs of Nîn-stazg rally for an attack on Floodwend.
The brigand-leader Eastmund has been exiled many times, but his lair always seems to reappear somewhere in the northern Wold.
The shallows of the Anduin present a vulnerable spot for the Wold, for Easterlings attempt to creep across the river at such places.
A company of Uruk-hai warriors, who had marched west with a larger force, has recently returned and made camp south of Elthengels. What could have caused them to flee eastwards?
A group of White Hand Orcs, the Ninkh-hai, have established a war-camp in the mountain-passes between the Norcrofts and the East Wall, planning to assault the farming-village of Faldham.
The Orcs that have escaped Walstow's spears at the East Wall have set up camp at Ash Durub in the Sutcrofts, blocking Walstow from receiving any aid from Snowbourn.
Along with Ash Durub, the Orcs of ufum-mau prevent Walstow from receiving aid from Snowbourn.
Half-orcs of the White Hand have been actively trying to sack Garsfeld, having met minimal resistances from Gísil's men.
The Orcs and Uruks of Maustazg pose a dire threat to the people of the Entwash Vale.
You have come across Thrug-unur, an encampment of Moria goblins in the Entwash Vale. Having goblins as neighbours is a situation that is less than ideal for the Rohirrim here.


   5 LOTRO Points
   30 Marks
   <name>, Finder of Foes
   2000 Virtue Experience

Additional Information

More Information

Coordinates Directions / Description
[40.2S, 49.0W] Discover Olghakhósh
[41.8S, 47.7W] Discover Jóshkhin Orda
[47.0S, 46.9W] Discover the Nîn-stazg
[36.1S, 56.0W] Discover Eastmund's Lair
[34.9S, 47.9W] Discover the South Undeep
[51.4S, 52.9W] Discover Kufuzg
[55.7S, 55.1W] Discover The White Hand War-camp
[62.0S, 56.2W] Discover Ash Durub
[64.7S, 55.5W] Discover Ufum-mau
[54.1S, 59.6W] Discover Krash-Bálum
[49.1S, 62.7W] Discover Maustazg
[40.1S, 68.6W] Discover Thrug-unur