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Deed Lore

You have become an honourary member of the Eglain -- people who have shunned accepted society, choosing the meagre life that the Lone-lands will support.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

You must obtain Kindred standing with the Eglain.
The Eglain count you among their number. Your efforts to help the people of the Lone-lands have gone far to endear you to them. They will ever more call you kindred, a true member of the Eglain.


   20 LOTRO Points
   <name>, Eglan-(Class)
   Travel to Ost Guruth
   Return to Ost Guruth

Deed Chain Information

  1. Known to the Eglain
  2. Friend of the Eglain
  3. Ally of the Eglain
  4. Eglan

Additional Information

This deed is advanced by completing quests and other deeds within the region and by killing orc-kind.