Battleground of the War of Three Peaks

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Deed Lore

Explore important sites for the War of Three Peaks.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Discover Shakal-atrâd
Following the defeat of the Angmarim ritualists who had resided within, Shakal-atrâd once again belongs to the dwarves. Reclaiming the ruins was a step forward -- a small step, perhaps, but a step forward nevertheless.
Discover Zarkul-sulûn
Hardy fortifications have replaced the Orkish barriers that previously guarded Zarkul-sulûn, keeping the dwarves' enemies at bay. It is from here that the dwarves formulate new strategies with which to defeat their foes, and perhaps dare to dream about reclaiming Gundabad at long last.
Discover Howlers' Notch
Where once the haunting howling of Wargs filled the air around Howlers' Notch, now only the guttural growling of hill-beasts can be heard. The former Warg den houses vicious hill-beasts, manipulated and bred for war by hobgoblin beast-tamers. Cages and chains imprison the wild hill-beasts that have been captured against their will.
Discover Zudramdân
Orkish forces overwhelmed the dwarves at Zudramdân and claimed the ruins as their own. Now Zudramdân is a shell of its former self, its interior set ablaze and crawling with Orcs.
Discover Caivád Sâr
Caivád Sâr remains a stronghold for the evil forces of Elderslade. Undeterred -- and perhaps fuelled -- by the raging war outside, the Angmarim continue to torture and experiment within its ghastly chambers.
Discover Ifbar-athrâkh
At the front lines, the Gabil'akkâ vanguard stands their ground, planting themselves firmly into the trenches. An endless stream of orders enter and leave Ifbar-athrâkh, the command center the dwarves have dug nearby. While others must think about the larger picture of the war, those in Ifbar-athrâkh concern themselves with the details of taking and controlling Orc territory.
Discover Ushkútoz
The Orcs have dug out winding tunnels in the shadow of Zudramdân, further defiling the dwarf-ruin. From these tunnels, they create plans to thwart the Gabil'akkâ vanguard and bolster their own defences.
Discover Bagûd-mekhem
Seated in the northern reaches of Elderslade, Bagûd-mekhem stretches out from Gundabad and peers down into the valley. At this elevation, the cold winds carry an unnatural chill. Combined with the swarms of battle-ready Orcs, Bagûd-mekhem is a daunting sight to behold.
Discover Azgh-buzru, the War-fell
The War of Three Peaks has transformed a once-grassy plain of Elderslade into Azgh-buzru, the War-fell. Like Azanulbizar of old, this is to be the site of the bloodiest skirmishes between between the dwarves of the Gabil'akkâ and the Orcs of Gundabad.


   5 LOTRO Points
  5 Copper Coin of Gundabad
   <name>, Eyes of the Gabil'akkâ
   1,000 Virtue Experience
   Increased Reputation with March on Gundabad ( 700 )

Additional Information

  • This deed is available at level 120.


Coordinates Directions / Description
[99.3S, 16.4W] Shakal-atrâd
[100.8S, 17.3W] Zarkul-sulûn
[97.7S, 16.8W] Howlers' Notch
[96.7S, 19.1W] Zudramdân
[95.0S, 19.0W] Caivád Sâr
[94.9S, 19.8W] Drenghól
[98.5S, 18.4W] Ifbar-athrâkh
[96.6S, 19.5W] Ushkútoz
[93.8S, 20.8W] Bagûd-mekhem
[95.2S, 20.8W] Azgh-buzru, the War-fell