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Adûnaic is the language that the Dúnedain of Númenór adopted in the days of their power, during the second age. It was largely based on their early native Mannish speech before this became influenced by the Eldar. It largely perished in the Downfall of Númenór. The survivors, or "Faithful" of that land spoke either the Sindarin tongue or the Common Speech (Westron) of Middle-earth, which was partly derived from the Adûnaic.

The word Adûnaic or "The Speech of the West" is an example of that Númenorian tongue, as are the names of all of the Kings and Princes of Numenor after Tar-Calmacil (except Tar-Palantír). Some remnants of the tongue survive, mostly in personal names and place names. (See Dolgimil, Dulgabêth, and Gwathló for example.)

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