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Worms, one of the many sub-species of Dragon-kind, are wingless Dragons. They are a smaller breed, as Dragons go, and are around the size of a horse or a large bear. Worms usually lounge on rocks and boulders or lumber about spewing fire or poison at any who dare approach them.

Worms are found in many places in Middle-earth. They can usually be found wherever there are Drakes but in many other rocky places too. They also inhabit the marshes of Malenhad in Angmar. They are generally "normal" difficulty and are always aggressive. They have a damaging fire Area of Effect attack, which should be moved out of as quickly as possible. They are weak to Ancient Dwarf damage and resistant to Song.

An offshoot of Worms is the Salamanders, one of the smallest breeds of Dragon-kind. Though little more than large lizards, Salamanders possess deadly fire-breath that they can unleash upon travelling heroes.


"Worm" is an archaic word once used to describe Dragons, due to their serpent-like appearance. J.R.R. Tolkien frequently referred to his Dragon characters as Worms, particularly those without wings such as Glaurung, the Father of Dragons. Worms should not be confused with Crawlers, invertebrate creatures that more closely resemble what modern people think of as a worm.