War-steed Riding

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This article concerns the actual riding skill. For more details on its use, see Mounts, War-steed and Travelling.
War-steed Riding-icon.png
War-steed Riding
  • Characteristic
  • You are able to ride war-steeds.

Characteristic Information

This Characteristic (Trait) is a Passive Skill which allows the character to use War-steeds.
It is is granted upon completion of the quest [76] Devastation in the North.
It is also granted by the Paper Sheet 1 (common)-icon.png Trait: Mounted Combat dispensed as part of the Box 16 (store)-icon.png Gift of the Valar, Box 16 (store)-icon.png Blessing of the Valar, Box 16 (store)-icon.png Blessing of the Valar Upgrade, and Gift of the Valar (skill)-icon.png Aria of the Valar.