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Image of Valio
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Forochel
Area Jä-rannit
Settlement The Ironspan
Map Ref [16.9N, 59.5W]


Valio may be found deepest within the Ironspan in Forochel, east-most and by the locked gates to Forodwaith. He is, together with Noora, studying Mysterious Relic.


"This is an artifact of great evil. I fear the Witch-king must soon return."

How did you find this?
"Yrjänä has us keep a watch upon this place, for it was always from here that the Witch-king sent his evils toward us. The long watch has borne fish, as Yrjänä knew it must. We now are warned that evil once again awaits us."
What will you do now?
"I? I will fish. I am a fisherman, and that is what I do. Noora will trap, and Pirita will hunt. But all of us will be ready to fight, if we are called to battle."