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About Me

I have been playing LotRO without any breaks since December 2010. In all that time I have leveled exactly one character to level cap, because I like to take my time and thoroughly experience every area and storyline. When it eventually occurred to me that my thoroughness could be of benefit to others in documenting the game's features, I decided to join the wiki team. Since then I've had a lot of fun, hopefully helped a few people, and wondered why I didn't sign up ages ago!
I play one main character, Velkeirien (level 130 red Lore-master + Onyx Lynx), and a few lower-level alts who I would like to see more developed, but who in practice I don't play much outside of festivals. Most of my characters started out on Dwarrowdelf and moved to Gladden in the 2015 World Consolidation Event.
My primary wiki-editing interests are documenting quest content (especially story quests) and locations, and working on translations. One of my long-term aspirations is to overhaul all the wiki's Translations pages and give them some much-needed organization and standardization. I also occasionally like to make use of my Knowledge of the Lore-master skill to fill out missing mob stats: it feels good, after years of having virtually no use for the skill! And I help with patrolling because, hey, somebody has to do it. :-)
E LotRO-wiki Editor since:

June 12, 2019.
N LotRO-wiki Ninja since:

December 15, 2018.
U LotRO-wiki User since:

October 16, 2018.